Decoration of wedding bedroom

Bedroom is the most potential but real embodiment of the homeowner’s home style. Its Feng Shui layout has the greatest impact on marriage, especially the newly married bedroom. So what is the Feng Shui layout of the bedroom, especially the new bedroom

dwelling of love ” mdash” mdash; The layout and decoration of the bridal chamber is related to how to build a warm new home and the future of the new couple

the location and layout of the cavern shall comply with ” Six theories on the layout of Yangzhai ” ; And should focus on bright and cheerful colors, such as dark blue, dark green, dark gray and other desolate, desolate and dark colors, which can easily make people feel depressed, get bored and get bad tempered. At the same time, if the warm color of red or pink in the bedroom is too strong, it is easy to make people too excited, uneasy and easy to lose their temper. Quarrels and quarrels will often happen

all layouts in the cavern should be ” Overall layout balance theory ” ; And ” Fine layout coordination theory ” ; To meet the requirements of the company, while taking into account ” On the unity of layout and Qi, In other words, the specific layout should meet the requirements of Qi regulation in orientation

although it is a natural law to have a man or a woman, it can also be adjusted to the greatest extent through the Qi regulating layout of Feng Shui, so as to make the marriage more happy. Generally speaking, the decoration of newly married bedrooms should pay attention to the following points:

first, there should be a threshold

in ancient times, in addition to the threshold at the door, there were thresholds at the door of each bedroom. The threshold in the bedroom represents the ability to retain the fetal spirit in Feng Shui. However, in today’s bedroom, generally only the door can have a threshold, but we can take some remedial measures, For example, you can lay carpets in the master bedroom, which can also well retain fetal Qi

Second, see the sun

there should be plenty of sunshine in the bedroom. In the ancient Yangzhai school, it was said that when a couple see the sun in the bedroom, it is easy to have a son. In fact, this is not a superstitious statement, but also has a certain reason. This result is mainly due to the harmony between yin and Yang

III. choose a day to set a bed

Chinese people have a custom since ancient times. When there are wedding celebrations, they will choose a day, such as engagement, setting a bed and marriage. Choose a good day to set the bed in the bedroom. In addition, some long married infertile families can also choose a good day to set up a bed from the Yellow calendar

four, bed should be stable

only the bed in the bedroom can be laid smoothly, so that the fetal life can be maintained. Avoid not sleep on the floor for the sake of fashion or use folding beds, water beds for saving space, and do not get too much debris under the bed. p”gt;

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