Interpretation of home feng shui: there is also stress in decorating windows

I believe many people know that if you want to ensure the stability of Feng Shui environment at home, you must do a good job in decoration and avoid choosing the wrong decoration method, which leads to the instability of Feng Shui pattern. There are many factors that need to be paid attention to in the decoration. In addition to the common furniture, kitchen and bedroom decoration, attention should also be paid to some details such as doors and windows. Especially the windows in the house are often ignored by people. In the introduction of Feng Shui, there is a lot of attention to window decoration

Windows cannot be damaged

like the door, the windows in the home are also the entrance of air transportation, so they cannot be damaged in appearance. Once the window is damaged and cannot be closed normally, it may affect the normal operation of Feng Shui and Qi transportation in the whole home, resulting in a bad feng shui pattern. It is worth mentioning that the window still has ” Feng Shui Eye ” ; That is to say, if its exterior is damaged, it will affect the health of family members’ eyes

Windows cannot be opposite to the door

windows in rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens must not be in a straight line with the door. If the two are opposite, then the air will flow in directly from the window and out from the gate, which cannot converge in the house to form a Feng Shui pattern. Of course, in order to ensure ventilation, the window can not be on the same wall as the gate, as long as it is staggered

don’t have too many windows

this means that the number of windows in a house can’t be too many. You only need to keep one or two windows. For example, for houses with small area such as bedrooms and study, there can only be one window. If there are too many windows, it means that the air transportation in the house is easy to be disordered and unable to maintain stability

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