Feng Shui taboo of charger

Feng Shui believes that the charger is a very angry object, especially when it is used, it emits a strong magnetic field. The magnetic field generated by the charger will cause serious damage to the human body, so it is not suitable for charging at the head of the bed. Almost everyone in modern families has a mobile phone, and the charger placed everywhere may not only harm health and create fire hazards, but also form fire evil

although the charger has many disadvantages, if placed in the right place, it can flourish Feng Shui. The location of the charger is the location of the nine purple fire in the house life chart. Nine purple stars are auspicious stars, representing things, and they are the stars of wealth during the Eighth National Games. Fix the charging at the location of nine purple stars, and generate nine purple stars at the time of each charging, so as to increase wealth and peach blossom luck

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