How to resolve the sharp corner evil in the living room

From the perspective of architectural aesthetics, the sharp corners in the living room will greatly affect the visual perception; From the perspective of Feng Shui, the sharp corners in the living room will put pressure on the residents, thus affecting the feng shui of the whole house. To eliminate the influence of sharp corners, you can use a wooden cabinet to cover the sharp corners, or make a wooden wall to fill the sharp corners and hang a ” Huashan Sunrise ” ; Figure can have a good effect of relieving evil spirits

if the living room has a large space, people can make an arc-shaped wooden flower platform in the middle of the sharp corner, raise green leafy plants, and irradiate them with small spotlights, which can not only reduce the influence of the sharp corner on the feng shui of the living room, but also increase the three-dimensional sense of the decoration of the living room

in addition, evergreen plants and fish tanks can also be placed at sharp corners, which is also a simple and easy way to eliminate the pressure of sharp corners

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