How about the utensils in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where delicious food is produced. The function of the kitchen is not only required to be comprehensive, but also the finer the better. These detailed and comprehensive functions are realized by the placement of kitchen appliances. In a relatively small space, the reasonable placement and placement of kitchen utensils are very learned

① spoon and shovel: if the end of the spoon and shovel is stainless steel, the handle should be made of wood. If the handle is made of plastic, you must use white or green. Red and black are not good

② electric rice cooker: electric rice cooker is used to cook rice, so it directly affects people’s vitality and wealth. The rice made by the dirty electric rice cooker can not give full vitality and wealth, so it is very important to keep the electric rice cooker clean

③ teapot: teapot with Yang water Qi has a great impact on women’s health. The teapot should not always contain old water. Don’t put the teapot next to the microwave oven

④ pot: pot can show the foundation of users. Unused pots can make ” Gas ” ; Scattered, so throw them away as soon as possible. Don’t use too cheap pots. Note: a charred pot will reduce wealth

⑤ chopsticks: chopsticks are small things that show the level of users. The chopsticks used by the owner must not be cheap. If you want to improve your luck, you’d better use wooden chopsticks with a sense of level. If the paint on the chopsticks falls off, please replace them immediately

⑥ cleaning cloth: there are two functions of cleaning cloth: one is to clean the kitchen and restaurant, and the other is to connect various interpersonal relationships. If the cleaning cloth is dirty and broken, there will be malicious people approaching, and the owner is easy to get involved in disputes

the reasonable space layout of the kitchen should be arranged along the operation process of food storage and preparation, cleaning and cooking, and form a triangle along the three main equipment, namely stove, refrigerator and sink

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