Placement of Feng Shui stone lions at the door

Stone lions have always been regarded as auspicious beasts of geomantic omen. People are used to putting them in front of the door. They can not only play the role of restraining evil spirits and protecting the house, but also dissolve many evil spirits formed by the house pattern. At the same time, they can increase the Yang Qi of buildings and help improve financial luck

from the perspective of Feng Shui, stone lions are also well placed

first of all, it must be a female and a male, placed in pairs

secondly, the position of the two lions should not be reversed. The male lion should be placed on the left side of the gate. It is generally in the shape of claws holding Hydrangea, which can protect the safety of his family and prosper his career. The female lion should be placed on the right side of the gate. There will be a little lion in the left front paw or between the two paws, which can attract wealth and Naji. The left and right directions are subject to standing with your back to the gate

in addition, if the lions are damaged and need to be replaced, they must be replaced together, not just one

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