What are the taboos of children’s room decoration

Children are the apple of their parents’ eyes. Every parent hopes that their children will grow up healthily and become talents in the future. This depends on the child’s living environment. A comfortable and warm bedroom and desk can not only make the child sleep enough, read at ease, but also maintain a good mood. Therefore, when decorating the child’s room, we must consider it comprehensively

first is the bedroom. Children’s bedrooms should not be set beside the machine room or under the balcony, and do not hang wind chimes, otherwise noise is easy to cause neurasthenia; Decorate the bedroom with soothing light colors as much as possible, which can make people feel calm; Avoid laying dark red carpet or long wool carpet, otherwise it is easy to make people feel irritable and prone to bronchitis; Do not post too eye-catching pictures on the wall, especially those cartoon, abstract and violent pictures; The daylighting is better. It’s best to shoot into the sun

followed by the desk. Don’t get close to the bathroom, or the foul gas will destroy the child’s luck; Do not go up and down on the kitchen stove, toilet or bathroom; It’s best not to be oppressed by high objects in front of the desk; The desk should not face the lane, road or water tower outside the house

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