The decoration in the study also depends on Feng Shui

I believe many people will have a study at home. The study is where we study and work, so it has a great connection with our learning and career fortunes. Having a good feng shui environment can naturally bring us a lot of good luck. What Feng Shui problems can we underestimate in the decoration of the study? Let’s introduce it to you. You should also pay attention to avoid it when decorating your study

lack of sleep is forbidden in the study

in Feng Shui, it is believed that a space is the most square and upright, so as to avoid lack of angle. Once there is lack of angle, it will destroy the Feng Shui environment of the whole space. When decorating the study, we should also avoid this problem. The lack of corners in the room will also bring a lot of evil spirit. Choosing such a room as the study will not be able to study or work at ease, and the luck will also be affected. There are many problems in work and study. Therefore, when decorating, we need to ensure that the study does not lack corners, and we can’t underestimate this problem for convenience

carefully choose red for decoration in the study

colors can affect our mood. Red is a color that can make people emotionally unstable and excited. If red is used for decoration in the study, it is not conducive to people calm down to study or work. In the study, it is mostly related to the geomantic omen of Wenchang position, and the five elements of Wenchang position belong to wood, and red is fire. If there is too much red in the study, it is fire burning wood, which consumes the energy of Wenchang position, resulting in the decline of people’s career and learning fortune, and it is difficult to have a good performance. In the decoration of the study, it is recommended that you try to choose a more elegant color, which will be more suitable

pay attention to the placement of the desk

the desk is one of the most important furniture in the study, and the placement of the desk will directly affect the Feng Shui in the whole study. First of all, the desk can’t be placed under the beam, otherwise it will form the top of the beam, which will not only make people nervous and dizzy, but also cause many problems in people’s career development. In addition, the desk cannot be placed close to the window. The window is the place where the gas flows in the study. The Feng Shui near the window is not very stable, and people’s own gas field will become unstable when sitting in the desk. In addition, it will be easy to be distracted, difficult to concentrate, and poor performance

avoid placing thorny plants in the study

many people like to place some plants in the study, which can not only beautify the environment, but also purify the environment and bring more vitality to the study. But we can’t put thorny plants in the study, such as cactus, cactus, etc. such thorny plants will produce a lot of evil spirit, which makes the Feng Shui environment of the study bad and easy to attract villains. We can choose some evergreen plants with thicker and smoother leaves, and we can’t put too large plants

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