How to find a suitable bedroom

① northwest bedroom: the bedroom located in the northwest of the residence is especially suitable for the powerful household men in the family. The male owner who lives in the northwest bedroom for a long time can fully absorb the heat energy given by the earth, which will make the male spirit high, enhance the sense of responsibility, get the trust and support of his subordinates, and soon get good results

② southwest bedroom: located in the southwest, it is very suitable for the hostess of the family. If a housewife lives in a bedroom in the southwest for a long time, she will become a real good wife and mother. She can do all kinds of things in the family in an orderly manner and is deeply respected by her family and society. If a man lives alone in the bedroom in the southwest for a long time, because the southwest is the Kun position and belongs to the old Yin divination, it will feminize the man, and the man will be like a sissy, who doesn’t keep his word, annoying and lose respect

③ Oriental bedroom: the East has a fresh, upward and developing atmosphere, which is easy to create young male winners. Due to the influence of purple movement, they are full of vitality. As long as they are fickle, they can give full play to their strength and move together with Chaoyang to improve their ability and luck. Oriental bedroom is suitable for operators engaged in cutting-edge industries of the times. For example, operators engaged in computer, instrument, music creation, works, books and other industries can live in Oriental bedroom

④ southeast bedroom: the southeast has the heat of heaven and earth, which can make life smooth. People who live in bedrooms in the southeast can do things smoothly and get a promotion soon. People who sleep in the southeast bedroom are very observant, have the courage to challenge, and everything goes well. If a person who doesn’t like doing anything moves his bedroom to the southeast, there will be unexpected results

⑤ northeast bedroom: set the bedroom in the northeast of the house. Because the northeast is cold and the darkest place before dawn, it can stimulate men’s potential enthusiasm

⑥ the man living in the Northeast bedroom is the best man in the world. Driven by extreme enthusiasm, he likes to take care of others and often extends a helping hand to others. Generally speaking, most of them are very enthusiastic people

⑦ the Northeast bedroom is more suitable for people engaged in civil construction industry or those related to civil construction industry, but special attention should be paid to avoid losing temper, so as to avoid loss or injury

⑧ bedroom in the center: the bedroom is located in the center of the house, which is conducive to creating great people. The central bedroom has the heat of cultivating big people. Many famous big people in history live in the central bedroom. Because of the compartment problem of the house, almost no one can sleep in the central position of the house, but the luck of the central place is one of the indispensable factors for big people. If you want to be a leader or big man in the future, try to live in the central bedroom

⑨ the bedroom facing the Northwest has a professional feature, that is, most of them are self-employed (such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.) or company operators. Moreover, the performance is quite stable

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