What Feng Shui is particular about the indoor stairs in the store

If the store is a multi-storey design, there must be indoor stairs. Since the stairs are in the store, they will inevitably have a certain connection with Feng Shui in the store. You should know that most businessmen attach great importance to Feng Shui luck, because if Feng Shui is bad, resulting in the damage of Qi luck, then the business will naturally be affected to a certain extent

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therefore, we must pay attention to the relevant Feng Shui problems when setting up indoor stairs in the store. What Feng Shui stresses on the indoor stairs in the store

What Feng Shui are the indoor stairs in the store? Pay attention to

1. The size of the stairs: the size of the stairs directly affects the Feng Shui and air transportation of the stairs. If the volume of the stairs is large and the area of the store is small, the gas field will be too large for the store to carry, resulting in the leakage of the gas field. On the contrary, if the volume of the indoor stairs is small and the space in the store is large, it will lead to the lack of gas field transmitted by the stairs to the upstairs. Therefore, we must pay attention to the volume of the stairs

2. Color of stairs: the face of indoor stairs should be related to financial luck as much as possible, so as to prosper the business of the store and help the wealth of the store. In addition, the color setting of indoor stairs should also take into account the five element fate of the store owner, and try to avoid the color of five elements, otherwise it is not conducive to the wealth of the owner

3. Orientation of stairs : generally, the orientation of stairs is determined by the store building, so once it is determined, it is difficult to change, but it must be noted that the stairs must not face the relatively important Feng Shui positions such as the gate and the cashier, otherwise it will form a hedge of gas field

We must pay attention to the interior of the store, otherwise it will affect the business of Feng Shui

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