Will you put a vase in Feng Shui at home

Some families will put a pile of large vases in the living room, which can decorate the space. In addition, Feng Shui needs to be considered. Some people have the hobby of collecting porcelain and kiln ware. Their homes are filled with all kinds of cups, plates, bowls and bottles, especially vases, which are loved by the broad masses of the people. Even friends who do not have the hobby of collecting often put several vases at home. The placement of the vase in the living room is related to the emotion, marriage, peace, health, wealth and career of the homeowner. Vases are sometimes used to arrange flowers, which also symbolizes women and emotion. The shapes of vases are various, which can not only decorate rooms and houses, but also protect family members’ peace, wealth and prosperity. However, vases can not be placed casually. The following Feng Shui network will explain in detail

so what’s the point of Feng Shui about placing magnified vases in the living room? Then let me take you to understand the Feng Shui taboo of placing vases in the living room. Let’s have a look

1. The color of the vase

the color of the vase is rich and colorful, and the meaning of vases with different colors is also different. When choosing, the color of the vase must match the five elements and orientation of the homeowner. Five elements belong to gold friends, must choose white and gold vases, and need to be placed in the West and northwest of the room; For friends who belong to the five elements of wood, it is better to choose cyan and green vases, which should be placed in the East and Southeast; For friends who belong to water, they need to choose black and blue vases, which are suitable for placement in the north; If the five elements belong to fire, it’s best to put red and purple vases in the South; For friends who belong to the soil of the five elements, they need to choose the vase with yellow as the main tone and place it in the northeast and southwest. On the whole, the color of the vase should not be too bright and strong. It is better to be elegant and plain

Second, the design of the vase

generally speaking, the vase will be engraved with a variety of patterns, and these patterns can often play the role of embellishment and decoration for the vase. In order to show their distinctive vision, some people often choose some vases with unique and strange patterns to put at home. In fact, this is an irrational practice. Some patterns with unknown symbolic significance often inhibit and hinder home transportation. On the whole, the decorative patterns of the vase are nothing more than flowers, plants, trees and stones, insects, fish, birds and animals, text lines, etc. it is best to choose the symbol ” Wealth, wealth, longevity and happiness ” ; Patterns, such as peony, koi, crane, magpie, etc

III. the position of the vase

there are eight directions in Feng Shui, and the role and influence of feng shui will be different if the vase is placed in different directions. On the whole, placing the vase in the east of the house is conducive to improving the health of family members. Placing it in the South can improve the reputation and prestige of family members. Placing it in the west can bless and ensure peace. Placing it in the north can promote promotion and salary increase. Placing it in the north-east is conducive to improving children’s academic performance. The Northwest can enhance interpersonal relations. The southeast can attract, gather and prosper wealth, The southwest can enhance the family’s love and marriage fortune

IV. vase Flowers should not wither

place vases in the living room. If the flowers wither, throw them away directly, otherwise it will affect the visual effect. Moreover, the living room is a place for everyone to communicate. If withered flowers are placed, it will affect the mood of people in the living room. The withered flowers in the living room will also affect the atmosphere of the living room

v. the vase is placed in the central palace

the central palace is the Taiji point of the house, which is the central point. Zhonggong is the head, heart, core and decision-making. The most central point of the house is the most taboo of emptiness. Therefore, the vase is generally not suitable to be placed in the most central position of the house. If it is placed empty, it is even more inappropriate. The most taboo is to place two vases in the central palace empty, which is detrimental to the health, career and financial luck of the family. It is the image of empty people and money

VI. glass shaped vase

the most common one on the market is the glass vase. The glass is simple and gives people a very transparent and bright feeling. Placing it indoors will also make the space very clean and tidy. If it is placed in the living room and the sun casts a ray of light, the glass bottle will be particularly bright and transparent, and sometimes reflect a rainbow, which is very beautiful. And the glass bottle itself is colorless and transparent. It is OK to insert flowers or green vegetation of any color, so it is not easy to have color matching errors

VII. The vase cannot be empty

when the vase is used as a Feng Shui ornament, it must be noted that it cannot be empty, and there must be water or flowers in it. Because the Feng Shui attribute of the vase itself is relatively weak, it is easy to produce a bad feng shui atmosphere if placed there alone. Therefore, empty vases need other auxiliary ways to improve the Feng Shui attribute of the vase. Filling the vase with water or inserting flowers can obviously improve Feng Shui, because water and flowers are very helpful to improve Feng Shui

brake position placement ” mdash” mdash; The large vase has the function of blocking and eliminating evil spirits, but it should be selected according to the color of the vase. The vase is mainly for ” Bullfighter” Disease “” Wuhuang Dasha ” ” Bullfighter; Green vases need to be placed in the position of ” Disease symbol ” ; And ” Wuhuang Dasha ” ; Red vases should be placed in the position of the

Feng Shui function of vase placement in the living room

placing the vase in the position of peach blossom has the effect of attracting peach blossom. Put a vase filled with fresh water and flowers on your peach blossom position, which can stimulate peach blossom luck. In terms of geomancy, different vases are used to promote good luck according to the time of birth. The position of the vase should also be determined according to the position of the room. If it is a green vase, put it in ” Bullfighter; Where you are, you will have more words at home; If the red vase is placed in ” Disease symbol ” ” Wuhuang Dasha ” ; The location of is easy to make the family sick and even cause severe disasters

Feng Shui pays attention to the placement of vases in the living room

placing vases at home implies a safe family. It’s best to put flowers and water in the vase. People who are too lazy to take care of can only put water. It should be noted that the water should be kept clean. Once the flowers wither, they should be thrown away. Don’t put the vase on the window edge unless you don’t have a spouse

in ” lsquo; Feng Shui ” rsquo; The shape of flower containers in China is also very particular. Containers with different shapes should be placed in the corresponding direction in order to produce good visual cues. For example, glass vases should be placed in the north of the house, spherical vases should be placed in the West or northwest of the house, conical vases should be placed in the south of the house, and ceramic vases should be placed in the southwest or northeast of the house

if you put the vase in the bedroom, please pay attention to the following points:

1. When placing the vase in the bedroom, pay attention to the color of the vase itself, not too gorgeous; The design should not be too exaggerated; The bottleneck should not be too small. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive. Married people have bad feelings between husband and wife, go out early and return late, or one of them doesn’t go home at night, change of heart and so on. Single friends will affect their interpersonal relationships, as well as the decline of peach blossom index, and their personality begins to become strange and lonely. They are not good at expressing emotions. Therefore, the color of the vase itself should be light and elegant. The best product that can really play the role of Feng Shui should be, ” The bottle is light and the flower is gorgeous ” ; Can play the role of urging peach blossom

2. The vase placed in the bedroom can be empty, but you can’t let the vase contain some bleak and disastrous ” Plastic flower, Generally speaking, raising flowers is a very exquisite art. Of course, flowers smell delicious. Some people may not enjoy such a blessing, but if you want to put ” Plastic flower ” ; You should also choose flowers that are brightly colored and clean every day. Therefore, the vase on the cabinet in front of the bed can be inserted with flowers such as roses. Of course, if you point the fumigation and aphrodisiac essential oil and soft music at the same time, it will be easier for your peach blossom fortune and emotional fortune to go better

3. Compared with the bedroom, the vase in the bedroom is not suitable to be too large or too small. It should be placed according to the space of the bedroom. If the vase is too large and the bedroom area is too small, it is easy for loving couples to argue over small things, and in serious cases, divorce due to emotional discord will occur. If it is a small vase, it will be particularly inconspicuous in the bedroom, so it is not conducive to the peach blossom luck of single friends. In short, if you want to place vases in the bedroom, remember that the layout should be harmonious and beautiful. It is not suitable to use larger vases in the small bedroom and smaller vases in the big bedroom

4. The vase in the bedroom can’t be misplaced everywhere. Misplacing will mess up the momentum. We should find our own position according to the five elements of personal destiny. The five element sign itself occupies a certain position in the Universiade. For example, the vase direction of friends of five element gold should belong to the West; Five elements belong to the friends of wood, their vase direction should belong to the East; Five elements belong to water friends, their vase direction should belong to the north; Five elements belong to fire friends, their vase direction should belong to the South; The five elements belong to the local friends. Their direction should belong to the center

5. The vase in the bedroom should also be based on the principle of five elements to create a peach blossom vase suitable for yourself, which will help improve the heterosexual popularity of single friends. For example, the vase with a big mouth and round shape is more suitable (Friends of monkeys, chickens and dogs); Dark colored vases should be suitable (Friends of snakes, horses and sheep); The transparent crystal vase is more suitable (Friends of cattle, dragons and dogs); The blue vase is more suitable (Friends of pigs and rats) to find the appropriate vase, which will slowly improve your love fortune

6. The vase in the bedroom. Master Zhide suggested inserting rich and noble bamboo, which can not only melt evil spirits in Feng Shui, but also resist the influence of disharmony. For example, the beam presses the bedroom and the beam presses the bed. If you meet friends who don’t know Feng Shui for a long time, there will be problems in the relationship between husband and wife. Moreover, it will be difficult for single friends to find boyfriend and girlfriend. Not only that, it will also affect people’s health problems; Adult work problems; Children’s academic problems and so on

vase placement Feng Shui

1. The vase cannot be empty

some people say that the vase has no practical value, but looks good-looking. The pestle there has no connotation like a beautiful but brainless woman. And it will break if you don’t pay attention

this statement is actually aimed at empty vases. A vase full of content should not belong to this column

the ancients arranged flowers in vases to add fragrance and interest to the interior; Put calligraphy and painting in the vase to add cultural flavor and enrich the vase with the fragrance of calligraphy and ink

2. The shape of the vase should not be too weird

decorations in the home

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