Six Feng Shui taboos in the living room

The living room is an important functional area in the home. The quality of Feng Shui in the living room has an important impact on the fortune of the home, the health and wealth of the family. Therefore, the Feng Shui taboo in the living room needs our careful attention; So in Feng Shui, what are the six Feng Shui taboos in the living room? Here is the

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six Feng Shui taboos in the living room

six Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of the living room

I. orientation

the living room should be located in the front half of the house close to the door, so as to directly absorb the air entering from the door. If you have to go through a corridor to reach the living room, the corridor must be kept clean, and the lighting must be sufficient to prevent air from entering the living room. If it is a mezzanine house design, the living room should be located on the lower floor

II. Pattern

the pattern of the living room should be square or rectangular. The seat area should not rush to the corner of the room, and the sofa should not press the beam. If a hidden arrow is released from a prominent corner, it can be dissolved by furnishing bonsai or furniture. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas with furniture and regarded as two independent rooms. For example, you can use one area as a reception room and another area as a living room. Or hang a mirror on the wall, symbolically make up the missing corner, and then decide the central point as a complete room

III. adjust home decoration

sharp objects, such as swords, firearms, medals and animal specimens, should not be hung on the wall. Because these items will produce Yin Qi, leading to quarrel or violence. Similarly, table lamps or decorations with mausoleum corners should be avoided

Fourth, the air flow is smooth

we must make the air flow smoothly in the living room, and there must be no dead corner that will accumulate foul air

v. Feng Shui furnishings

the furnishings of the living room mainly depend on the lifestyle and aesthetics of the residents. The decoration of any Feng Shui mascot should be based on the eight desires of life and the orientation of personal fortune telling. It is best to consult a professional Feng Shui teacher

six or eight directions

first draw a plan of the living room, mark the positions of doors and windows in detail, divide the living room into nine equal parts, and mark the corresponding directions of the eight desires of life. Draw the center point of the living room, and then use the compass to determine the orientation of the living room, especially the position of the gate. After that, we can catalyze the eight desires of life according to the principle of five elements

What do you think of the six Feng Shui taboos in the living room

the small arch is harmful to the health of the elders

if the small arch design appears in the living room to avoid beams or separate spaces, it is a great violation of the traditional concept of geomancy. Because the small arch is shaped like a tombstone, the elderly people with traditional cultural views will go in and out every day, which will inevitably produce psychological shadow, It will even affect health

the living room is isolated from the landlord

in terms of location, the living room is a place shared by families. If the living room is spacious and a bedroom is made in another department, it is called ” Self determination ” , In the abstract, it is an artificial magnetic field space with public flow ” Crop ” ; Drop it, as long as it’s here ” Crop ” ; People who rest in the small bedroom easily cause a sense of loneliness in their mentality. If they are unmarried, they will inevitably have ” It’s hard to find a confidant “; Worry about

a complete set of sofa is harmonious

generally, the sofa must be a complete set of furnishings, but it does not rule out that some friends put two sets of sofas together due to large space, or put scattered sofas and chairs outside one set of sofa. These practices are unfavorable to the family’s attention in terms of Geomatics. By placing a complete set of sofa, it means that the whole family has one heart and one unity

wealth should not be vented

the diagonal line entering the living room is the wealth position of luantou geomancy. If there are columns and recesses here, the windows can be blocked by plants, wine cabinets and decorative cabinets. On the one hand, it makes ” Wealth ” ; On the other hand, it can create a good financial position and kill two birds with one stone

from the perspective of space, the moving line of the living room should be the most open, and the vision at a glance makes people feel broad and broad-minded, so it is not suitable to see the door and back door of the room at the entrance, otherwise there will be ” Forward and out” Unable to gather wealth ” ;; In addition, the corridor should also avoid running straight or horizontally through the whole living room. This kind of family appearance just corresponds to an popular saying ” Before and after, people and money are empty ”

the crossbeam is suppressed at the head

if the living room is just covered by the crossbeam ” Press ” , The huge psychological depression will make the people in the house depressed in the society and difficult to succeed. In this case, you can cover it with false ceiling or hang blessing mouse ornaments on the beam to resolve it, or design two living rooms in the decoration

the six Feng Shui taboos placed on the sofa in the living room

the shape of the sofa is divided into single sofa, double sofa, long sofa and circular sofa. In terms of materials, it is also divided into leather sofa, cloth sofa, rattan sofa and traditional acid branch chair. There are many patterns in color and shape. The number of sofa sets in the living room is exquisite. The most taboo is one and a half sets, or the combination of two kinds of sofas

the important position of sofa in the living room is like an important port of the country. It must be able to receive as much water as possible before it can flourish. A good port must have protruding bends on both sides, like the ” U”; Word. The extended bending position is like two arms holding around, and the central depression is the Qi receiving position of Feng Shui, which can store wind and gather Qi, so as to achieve the prosperity of Ding and wealth

the so-called back, that is, the back of the mountain, means that there is a solid wall behind the sofa. If there is a window, door or passage behind the sofa, it means there is no backing behind it. Psychologically, the back of the sofa is empty and lacks a sense of security. If there is really no solid wall behind the sofa, a more effective way to improve it is to put a low cabinet or screen behind the sofa, which is called ” Artificial backer, It will also play a remedial role

there should not be a big mirror behind the sofa. When people sit on the sofa, others can clearly see the back of the head from the mirror, which is very bad. If the mirror is not around, the back of the brain will not reflect out of the mirror

the bed has a beam on the top, and only one or two people sleeping on the bed suffer. However, if there is a beam on the sofa, the hand will affect the size of the family, which has a great impact, so it must be avoided as far as possible. If it is really unavoidable, the transportation bamboo can be placed on the tea table on both sides of the sofa to dissolve the top of the beam with the continuously growing and rising transportation bamboo

if the sofa is in a straight line with the door, it is called ” Hedging ” , The disadvantages are quite great. In this case, it is best to move the sofa to avoid colliding with the door. If there is no place to move, you have to put a screen between the two, so that the air flowing into the house from the gate will not go straight to the sofa. If the sofa faces the door, it will not be a big problem, and there is no need to put a screen to dissolve it

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