Why are peach Charms hanging at the door

When we talked about Feng Shui plants earlier, we mentioned that peach trees can dispel bad luck. In fact, peach wood products are also one of the most used evil things in Feng Shui. In ancient times, during the Chinese new year, almost every family would hang a peach charm at the gate to dissolve the evil spirit of the coming year and form ” Thousands of families always exchange new peaches for old ones ” ; A spectacular sight. Taofu is to hang the wooden board made of peach wood or the characters of zhenzhaihuasha such as door god and Zhong Kui on both sides of the gate. Spring Festival couplets or door god are usually posted on the peach wood board

first of all, peach trees have the strongest ability to turn evil spirits among all trees. It is said that the door god ” Divine Tea ” ; And ” Yu Lei ” ; When guarding the ghost gate on dushuo mountain, he is holding a peach tree branch to subdue the evil spirits who try to sneak out. Therefore, peach tree is considered to have a good role in driving away evil and turning good luck

it is also said that the peach wood was transformed by Kuafu’s crutches when Kuafu chased the sun. At the moment Kuafu fell, the crutches turned into a peach forest, so it has the function of dispelling ominous. Because the function of peach wood is mainly to drive away the evil spirit, it is generally the best to hang it at the door, especially when the peach wood is pasted with Spring Festival couplets or door gods, which can play a better role in reducing the evil spirit of the house

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