Why shouldn’t the gate face the door

The specific impact of the door facing different doors is different, but generally speaking, it is an unlucky phenomenon. The door faces the door. If both doors are open, you can directly see the privacy inside the room from outside, and the evil spirit of the house will directly rush into the room, affecting the health of the residents. Moreover, the gate is directly facing the door, and there is no barrier in the middle. The prosperous gas in the room will flow away directly from the gate, resulting in the instability of house transportation

this situation is rarely seen in traditional buildings, but many modern houses often adopt this design in order to make use of architectural space, which destroys Feng Shui

when choosing a house, you must pay attention to avoid this situation. If you have selected such a house, do not put a screen or jewelry cabinet between the two doors. One is to prevent the internal invasion of evil spirit, and the other is to prevent the outflow of house air

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