Feng Shui analysis of kitchen stove orientation design

The stove is a very important place in the kitchen. Different orientations of the stove also have different Feng Shui stress and gas field. After all, the stove is the core of the kitchen. The stove is the spark of the kitchen and the key factor related to the wealth of the family. Therefore, we must understand the Feng Shui of the kitchen and pay attention to many Feng Shui matters. What are the Feng Shui analysis of the kitchen stove orientation design? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

first of all, the sink is used for cooking preparation or aftermath work such as washing dishes and dishes. The stove is the tool used in cooking. It should be placed side by side for the convenience of residents, and the sink should be placed on the left of the stove for the convenience of ordinary people to take water with their right hand. Taking water as money is ” Get rich ” ; Meaning

the stove is the first place in the kitchen, so the Feng Shui problem of the stove is very important. The feng shui of the stove is related to the orientation of the stove. We can take a look at it from the following points. 1. The stove should not face the kitchen door. The stove is facing the kitchen door. Family members are discordant, grumpy and damaging to money. 2. The stove can’t face the bedroom door. Anger is harmful to the health of the family

it is said that there is a saying in Feng Shui that a Yang house must have three basic elements, one is the door, the other is the room, and the third is the stove, which is what we usually call the kitchen stove. Therefore, the feng shui of a Yangzhai is closely related to the feng shui of the stove in the Yangzhai. After all, the stove means fire, which is the so-called Yang, so it has a great relationship with the Yang of a house to a great extent. The poor Feng Shui of the kitchen stove has something to do with the good feng shui of the kitchen stove. Therefore, when decorating the kitchen stove, people are also the first to pay attention to the feng shui of the kitchen stove

the inappropriate Feng Shui orientation of the kitchen stove is to sit from east to west, that is, close to the east wall, which should be avoided as much as possible, because the west is the Yin returning position, which is a negative magnetic field unfavorable to the residents’ health. If you have to choose this position, it is suggested to place a set of five emperors coins in the wall behind the stove, or lay a red colloidal carpet on the floor in front of the stove, so as to dissolve the adverse magnetic field in the West

the five elements of the kitchen stove belong to fire, so its orientation must not be directly facing the kitchen door or bedroom door. As we all know, fire means dryness. If the kitchen stove is facing the kitchen door, feng shui will easily cause the family to be grumpy, resulting in family discord. If the kitchen stove is facing the bedroom door. The anger in the kitchen will enter the bedroom, and the excessive anger will form a bad spirit, which has a certain adverse impact on people’s health, and it may also easily lead to marital discord, unhappiness in family and marriage and so on

the stove should not be close to water. If there is tap water, the stove is close to the faucet. Water and fire often affect each other and are dangerous. It is also not allowed to be close to the refrigerator. The stove is with fire, which is close to the refrigerator. Cold and heat collide with each other, resulting in energy consumption. For rural water tanks, it is not allowed to set the stove next to or facing the water tank. Water and fire are mutually exclusive, which is unfavorable to the transportation

finally, the stove symbolizes fire and the sink symbolizes water. The two are the core of the kitchen. The placement of other objects should be based on the two, which are appropriate but not conflicting. Then such a feng shui layout of the kitchen stove can create a Feng Shui Kitchen conducive to the prosperity of the family

Feng Shui is related to our fortune from beginning to end, so some attentions and matters lower than Feng Shui can not be ignored in our daily life. However, many people don’t know Feng Shui, which makes it easy to violate some Feng Shui taboos in design and affect the fortune of our family. Therefore, we should know more about Feng Shui in the kitchen

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