What about the Feng Shui layout of the living room

The living room is a place for the host and guests to rest and entertain. The layout of the living room should not be too complex. It mainly uses a relatively high combination cabinet to put TV, sound and decorations. At the same time, it is combined with a low sofa equipped with a tea table, or a combination cabinet from the ceiling to the ground. The upper part of the museum shelf can be made into a flower wall, the middle part can be made into a museum shelf for antiques and ornaments, and the lower part can be made into a cabinet for sundries, That’s how it fits “; Upper emptiness and lower reality ” ; Feng Shui principles

generally speaking, the living room should be arranged in a combination of high and low. The high is the mountain, the low is the water, and the mountain and water are conducive to the construction of indoor Feng Shui environment. The living room with large area can adopt the high combination cabinet to the top and large complete set of low sofa, so that the living room looks more imposing, the pattern is also large and the weather is open; The living room with a relatively small area should not use the high combination cabinet to the top, but should maintain a distance of at least two feet from the ceiling of the living room, so as not to make people feel oppressive, but also ensure the ventilation and convection of indoor air

looking at the overall situation of the living room, in addition to paying attention to the design of practical aesthetics, we must also pay attention to the color and light and shade of the whole living room. In addition to aesthetics and personal preferences, this color and shade must also match the residential style. The living room of the dry house must be bright. Try to use a large number of white colors to make the residents smart and beautiful. If the dark color is more than half of the four sides, it will make the residents stupid and more unfavorable to men

the living room of the house should be bright and suitable, but not too bright, that is, the white tone should not be more than three-quarters of the total area, or there are three large windows, otherwise the family may be in power by women, and there is a potential crisis of hurting husbands or men

the living room of Gen house should not be too wide. It is better to use white, earthy yellow and coffee

the living room away from the house should not leave too much useless space, otherwise it is easy to cause fire disasters and lawsuits

the living room of Kan house should adopt quiet and cold colors, not too bright, otherwise it will be bad for money

the living room of Kun house should have more equipment, and the furniture should be made of heavy materials, using yellow or log color system, which is the most taboo

the living room of Xun house should be shallow and wide. It can use more green systems, and more flowers and trees are the best decoration

the living room of Zhonggong residence can be set freely, but the Yellow system must be used to unify the whole room

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