Will turning on the air conditioner affect the environment

With the popularity of air conditioning, people are becoming more and more dependent on air conditioning for temperature regulation, whether at home or office, or even by car. Although air conditioning can make people surpass the best room temperature of natural climate, there are also some adverse effects

first of all, it breaks the balance of indoor and outdoor air exchange. Most people close the door when using air conditioning. Although air conditioning can produce negative oxygen ions, the air still circulates only indoors. Over time, the air will become more and more dirty, and in the long run, they are prone to air conditioning diseases

secondly, the air conditioning machine itself is easy to breed bacteria, and people rely on space to close the door, resulting in insufficient indoor lighting and poor ventilation, which will increase the reproduction and spread of bacteria. Thirdly, the biggest disadvantage of using air conditioning is that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, which makes people very easy to catch a cold or heatstroke, and people’s mood contrast will be very large, which will affect the mood of study and work. Relying too much on air conditioning will greatly reduce people’s immune ability and do great harm to health

finally, the indoor air conditioning is closed, and the air field is also closed, which is not conducive to the entry of wealth and wealth at home. Therefore, it’s best not to use the air conditioner too frequently for too long, and it’s best to leave a vent. After all, natural wind has better Feng Shui effect

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