How to place the deity in the home

The placement of deities is also very important. In Feng Shui: ” Good or bad luck, regret and blame are born ” ;. Incense is one kind of motivation. To take a step back, regardless of the existence of God and Buddha, when people worship incense in the morning and evening, the smoke and power of incense will rise, drive the air flow, generate motivation and aura, and induce with the human body, resulting in good and bad luck.

the placement of the divine throne should be located in the direction of auspiciousness and cooperate with the environmental layout of the room

(1) there should be a wall behind the throne

(2) to be stable, the position of the deity should be stable and firm, the position should be fixed, and the position should not be moved frequently. Because after the deity is worshipped for a period of time, this position has a certain aura (specific aura field), and it must not be moved at will

(3) be quiet and avoid kitchen, toilet, TV, stereo and other unfavorable places

(4) the divine throne can also be placed in a special divine Xi. There should be no evil things in front of the divine throne. The above is the basic method of placing the throne

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