How to choose the lamps that are most conducive to home transportation

Indoor artificial lighting first involves the selection of lamps. What kind of lamps are most conducive to house transportation? The first is to choose the materials of lamps. There are many kinds of materials for modern lamps, but they can be divided into two kinds:

one is the lamps belonging to five elements of gold, such as glass, decorative copper, decorative steel, etc

the first category is the lamps of Wuxing wood, such as bamboo, Teng, cloth, etc

can be selected according to personal five elements. For example, people with five elements of wood are not suitable for class I lamps, and people with five elements of soil are not suitable for class II lamps

the second is to choose the shape of lamps. The shape of lamps is mainly divided into traditional style lamps with Chinese characteristics (such as palace lanterns) and modern style lamps with Western characteristics. The shape of lamps and lanterns should be consistent with the style of the house. It has a harmonious aesthetic feeling, which will increase house transportation

thirdly, choose the color of lamps, and the color of lamps is mainly matched with the five elements of the room owner. For example, a person with five elements of misfire is suitable to choose red lamps. Of course, the lamps in a room do not have to be the most suitable color, as long as they avoid the most unsuitable color

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