How to open the window in the bathroom

The way of opening windows is also very important. Both internal opening and semi opening will affect the airflow, which is not conducive to wealth. If the window is opened internally, you can put some potted plants on the windowsill to activate energy; If you open the window, you can make up for it by hanging curtains or decorations

if the layout of the toilet is reasonable, it can also attract money

first of all, the toilet should not be in an important position of the room, such as the central area, northwest or northeast

secondly, you can install an exhaust fan at the position of Dongfang Qinglong in the bathroom or open the window, because the left belongs to the dragon and there is ” A golden dragon opens its mouth, and gold and silver fight; statement. It can not only discharge the foul gas, but also drive the wealth of Qinglong

finally, put some spices and potted plants in the bathroom, which can also bring wealth

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