Feng Shui taboo for toilet decoration

The toilet is becoming more and more popular in today’s home life. More and more people will choose the toilet when decorating the toilet, but the toilet decoration also has many Feng Shui taboos that need our attention; So in Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui taboos in decorating the toilet? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

Feng Shui taboos for toilet decoration

Feng Shui taboos for toilet decoration

people who pay attention to Feng Shui in home decoration will pay attention to Feng Shui in home, Feng Shui in each room, Feng Shui in toilet and Feng Shui in toilet direction, but no one pays attention to Feng Shui installation in toilet. In order to make up for the feng shui knowledge of toilet installation, the Fstips of urban people will provide you with Feng Shui taboos for toilet installation. Install the toilet correctly to avoid the ferocious Feng Shui caused by toilet installation

water and fire are not allowed

the toilet is installed in the south, Buji. The toilet is located in the south of the house. The South belongs to fire. The toilet belongs to water. The toilet is located in the south of fire. There is a phenomenon that water overcomes fire. It is unlucky to rush for six years

closed bathroom

some residential bathrooms have no windows and are fully closed. There is at most one exhaust fan and they are not often opened. The completely closed toilet is not conducive to smooth ventilation and the health of family members. The bathroom should have windows and smooth air, so that the turbid gas in the bathroom can be discharged. If your bathroom is fully enclosed, you should start with changing the smoothness of the air, often open the exhaust fan, and properly use air fresheners to improve the air quality of the bathroom

villa bathroom

villas are generally compound. During decoration, only the collocation between rooms in the floor plan is considered, while the relationship between upper and lower floors is ignored; Genealogy ” ; The relationship between the upper and lower levels is also very important. For example, when the bathroom is pressed on the bedroom, it is a very bad house appearance. When the turbidity in the bathroom drops into the bedroom, how can the residents’ health be good

embedded bathtub

when decorating the bathroom, do not install a basin in the bathroom of the master bedroom. Feng Shui says that the floor of the bathroom should not be higher than the floor of the bedroom, especially the position of the bathtub should not have a feeling of being high above. The five elements theory believes that the water flows downward, belongs to the Runxia grid, and lives in the water for a long time ” Moisturizing ” ; In your bedroom, you are prone to diseases of the endocrine system. If you like this built-in bathtub, you can place it in another bathroom far away from the bedroom

the bathroom of the fierce landlord

the bathroom cannot be located in the southwest or northeast. The landlord is fierce. This is the eight trigrams. The northeast is the gen trigram and the southwest is the Kun trigram. Their nature belongs to soil, and the trigram phase between sanitary baths is water. If the water bathroom is located in the Gen and Kun sides of soil, there will be an adverse image of soil conquering water, so it is determined as a great evil

Direct toilet

there is a long corridor in the house, so we should pay attention to the relationship between the corridor and the bathroom. The bathroom should only be set at the edge of the corridor, not at the end of the corridor. This is indoor ” Road rush ” ; The bathroom is rushed by the corridor, which is a terrible sign and is extremely harmful to the health of the family

the direction of the toilet should not be the same as that of the condominium. For example, the direction of the door of the condominium faces south. When people sit on the toilet, if they also face south, they commit the taboo of the same direction of the toilet and the condominium, which is easy to lead to long sores in the family

What are the Feng Shui taboos about toilet decoration

1. Remember that the direction of toilet installation cannot be consistent with the direction of residence. For example, the door of one’s own house faces south, and the toilet is also installed facing south. When people sit on the toilet, they also face south, which makes a taboo in the same direction as the house in home feng shui, which can easily lead to sores in the family. Therefore, when installing the toilet, we must pay attention to the orientation

2. The toilet must not be installed in the center of the whole house, which is very easy to cause family discomfort, especially bad for the gastrointestinal system, and is prone to various diseases. In addition, the installation of toilets in the residential center is also easy to cause the family to lose the center and focus, and often worry about some trivial things or wordy things emerge one after another

3. The toilet should be installed near the wall of the toilet. If it is in the middle of the toilet, from the visual effect, it will destroy the overall coordination of the whole toilet, affect the installation of other sanitary ware, and bring a lot of inconvenience to life

4. The installation position of the toilet should not be opposite to the toilet door. In addition, it can not be directly facing the toilet door. If you sit on the toilet and directly facing the toilet door, it looks very unsightly. Therefore, when installing the toilet, pay attention to its sitting direction. It is best to be vertical or staggered with the toilet door

5. The most important thing in the toilet is the installation position of the toilet. If the installation position of the toilet is improper, it is easy to cause many troubles. Therefore, be extra careful about the installation of the toilet. Generally speaking, the toilet can not flush the bed in the open and the stove in the dark, which is not good for the body. In addition, the toilet can not be installed in ” Four main lines; And ” Four corner line ” ; In fact, it is easy to produce bad home feng shui

6. If the bathroom in your home is large enough, you can install the toilet in a position that you can’t see from the door. You can hide it behind the low wall, screen and curtain. Of course, you should pay attention to the installation to ensure that you can’t see it from any mirror. The most important thing in the living room is the installation position of the toilet. If the installation position of the toilet is improper, it is easy to lead to many difficulties. Therefore, be extra careful about the installation of the toilet

how to see the Feng Shui taboo of toilet decoration

contradiction 1: the toilet location that flushes away luck

crack countermeasures: the toilet, one of the important hardware facilities in the bathroom, should not be close to or directly opposite to the door, and the farther away from the door, the better, so as to avoid being washed away as soon as luck enters the door. But for toilets with poor location, the simplest way to improve is that newcomers must cover the toilet cover at any time. In addition, arrange the toilet in a position that can’t be seen from the bathroom door, try to use the screen or curtain to separate it from the rest of the room or hall, ensure that it can’t be seen from any mirror, and remember that the bathroom door should be kept closed at any time, especially in the bathroom of the suite (bedroom)

contradiction 2: the toilet opposite to the door attacks the sitting phase

solution: the sitting direction of the toilet should not be opposite to the toilet door. If the new couple sits on the toilet right opposite the door, it will not only be unsightly, but also cause a lack of money. It is best to stagger with the toilet door. In terms of direction, the most important point is that the toilet should not face south. It is more important to avoid the open flushing bed and dark flushing stove of the toilet, so as to avoid the adverse situation of water fire confrontation in the life of the new couple

contradiction 3: messy hand washing basin is easy to annoy newcomers

solution: putting many cleaning and sanitary products on the hand washing basin will appear disorderly, which is easy to make newcomers feel irritable and cause quarrels in the busy morning. Therefore, it is advisable to nail a section of plate frame around the wash basin to place commonly used cosmetics and so on. The height of the plate frame does not hinder the use of the faucet. The material can be wood, glass plate or a complete set of decorative frames in household goods stores

contradiction 4: windowless bathroom impairing health

solution: if the bathroom has no external windows, you can hang a mirror on the wall to form an imaginary space. Generally speaking, the mirror can accelerate the flow of air energy, which has a positive effect on the bathroom, because the most taboo in the bathroom is the lack of air circulation. If space permits, set up a Jacuzzi in the bathroom! The bubbles generated during bathing can impact the body and produce massage effect, which will not only eliminate the fatigue of the new couple, but also produce negative oxygen ions, clean the indoor air and be beneficial to health

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