Feng Shui solution of open kitchen at home

Open kitchen seems to be a kind of decoration style loved by young people today. In many home decoration of post-80s and 90s, open kitchen is very common, because open kitchen can be more convenient and use, and open kitchen is more beautiful. Although it is deeply favored by people, open kitchen is different from Feng Shui of traditional kitchen, so we should pay attention to and resolve many matters, So what is the Feng Shui solution of the open kitchen at home? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. balance between water and fire

the kitchen belongs to fire, but for convenience, we usually set up a faucet in it, so we can reduce a lot of effort when washing and cooking. Therefore, the adjustment of Feng Shui should start from here. First, we should see whether the indoor water and fire are balanced. If not, we can open up the kitchen and set up a restaurant next to it, so that the two areas are the same, It can reduce the harm of water fire collision

Second, for the problems of the front line of water and fire:

it is best to transform and decorate the stove into an L-shaped stove, so as to avoid the health problems caused by the front line of water and fire

for unstable flames:

we can set up a bar or partition it at the stove and place the vegetable cutting area. There are many methods to resolve Feng Shui in open kitchen. We mainly use the relevant methods according to the structural characteristics of the kitchen

III. If the back of the stove or pool is a window, it will not gather gas and leak money

many open kitchen stoves or pools are not close to the wall, and others are close to the window for the consideration of light. The obvious impact of this layout on Feng Shui is that it will not gather gas and leak money

IV. pay attention to the faucet

the faucet is the most conspicuous existence in the kitchen, but it is often ignored in Feng Shui, and it is not paid attention to when installed. In fact, in Feng Shui, the faucet will cause great trouble, because its orientation will change the flow direction of Feng Shui. For example, the faucet facing outward indicates that the water will flow out, while Feng Shui pays attention to hiding wind and receiving gas, which will require the gas field to circulate internally, If the faucet faces outward, it will undoubtedly form the phenomenon of gas field leakage, resulting in money breaking Feng Shui

v. the problem of not gathering Qi:

we can remedy the decoration color by using the principle of the combination of five elements and the yellow and beige color strips of the five elements, which will cover the wealth, or use the local characteristics of marble to solve the problems of Feng Shui in open kitchen

VI. the decoration color is mainly yellow, beige and dark green, and the material is preferably stone, so as to make up for the deficiency

in order to make up for the lack of money leakage in the open kitchen, it is suggested that in the decoration color, the principle of the combination of five elements should be used, and the yellow and beige colors of the five elements should be used to generate gold, so as to attract money and gather money. Dali stone countertop itself belongs to earth in the five elements. It is also a combination of fire and earth to gather wealth and absorb gas

VII. Shape of cabinet

the shape of cabinet is changeable, and the common ones are one-sided, L-shaped and island cabinet. When customizing cabinets, consumers must actually determine the modeling layout of cabinets according to the trend and size of kitchen space. L-shaped cabinet is now generally more general, which is an ideal choice for small space. In this way, the ideal working triangle can be obtained by dividing the working area between the two connected walls. Operating tables are reserved between stoves, sinks, disinfection cabinets and refrigerators to prevent splashing and overcrowding

we all know the importance of kitchen Feng Shui, so we pay so much attention to the feng shui of the kitchen. The kitchen is the Treasury in the home, and the open kitchen is easy to leak money. Therefore, we should pay attention to the Feng Shui layout of the open kitchen and know some tips to resolve it. The above is the relevant articles compiled and sorted out

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