What picture is good for Feng Shui at home

Now people hang some beautiful portraits at home to add a trace of beauty to their home. But do you know what Feng Shui should pay attention to when hanging pictures at home what kind of painting is good at home? ? Below I found some information about hanging Feng Shui paintings at home and study with you

what is good feng shui at home?

what should be paid attention to when hanging Feng Shui in the living room at home

Home hanging paintings are elegant with less but fine and finishing touch, and vulgar with more but miscellaneous and dazzling

in terms of color, it is elegant to be bright and elegant, and popular to be colorful and mottled. Take traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting as elegance and star pictures as vulgarity

so what’s good about Feng Shui in the living room? Hanging paintings in the living room is suitable for hanging some calligraphy and paintings that imply beauty and auspiciousness, such as rich and auspicious peony paintings, elegant classical poetry and calligraphy works, longevity pictures that bless health and longevity, longevity with birds, pine cranes and longevity. Chinese people have a strong landscape plot since ancient times. Hanging paintings in the living room is also suitable for hanging some landscape paintings, antique and modern landscapes. From the perspective of Feng Shui, but it is appropriate to take the aboveboard content and avoid towering things

1. Calligraphy: the most common use of calligraphy in Feng Shui is blocking ” Door brake, For example, the door is facing the bedroom. In Kanyu school, it is said that the door is facing the bedroom, because the rapid air flow formed by the opening and closing of the door will be straight ” Punch ” When you enter the room, you can hang ink on the door in this case

2. Calligraphy and painting of fish playing in the water: Guangdong Customs take ” Water ” ; For the sake of wealth, and the fish has an auspicious metaphor of surplus every year and surplus every year. Therefore, the Pisces playing in the water map and the nine fish map are most suitable for the 45 degree diagonal money at the front door of the living room ” Financial position ” ; Take the ” Recruit wealth ” ; Metaphor

3. Bamboo calligraphy and painting: the meaning is higher and higher, and it is easy to hang in the study, children’s bedroom, office, etc

4. Lotus calligraphy and painting: it is also a lotus, which means harmony and Qi. It comes out of mud without being stained. Those who believe in Buddhism also mean perfection and kindness. It is easy to hang in the living room, conference room, bedroom of the elderly, etc

5. Picture of the eagle spreading its wings: the eagle spreading its wings is usually hung in the study and living room, which represents a bright future, great ambition and high ambition, but special attention should be paid to the ” Mouth ” It is not suitable to face people’s head, so it is generally not suitable to hang on sofas and seats. 6. Smooth sailing calligraphy and painting: also due to the principle of five elements Shengke, it is not suitable to hang in the south. In addition, it must be noted that the waves under the sailboat cannot face the doors and windows

7. Landscape painting: the layout of landscape calligraphy and painting is more exquisite. It is generally suitable to be placed on the seat side of the whole house (the other side of the door) or on the left side of the living room chair and bed; Calligraphy and paintings with flat and round mountains can also be hung behind the desk as ” Backer ” , It can increase your luck. It is easy to hang behind the seats in the living room, conference room and office

8. Calligraphy and painting of peony picture: the national flower peony has always been loved by everyone because it symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness. Generally, you can choose the north and south for the peony picture at home, because peony is a wood, and the north is ” Water ” ; Land, wood, water and prosperity; The south is ” Fire ” ; In the past 20 years, this layout has boosted the nine purple wealth stars in Feng Shui; Because the west is ” Gold, Wood should not be Jinke, so peony pictures should not be placed in the West. Peony symbolizes wealth, beauty and prosperity. It is suitable for hanging in the living room and bedroom

hanging pictures on the walls of the living room and bedroom has become a common custom. Hanging a pair of calligraphy and painting works indoors can render the artistic atmosphere of the home, broaden vision and increase beauty. You will feel happy when you look at it every day

how to choose

the auspicious calligraphy and painting in the living room plays a very important role in boosting the look of the home and creating a rich atmosphere. Taking auspicious calligraphy and painting as the nave and living room of the home in order to add icing on the cake and make it prosperous is one of the layout methods of a good home. Peony has been the flower of wealth since ancient times. It is elegant, rich and dignified, with strong fragrance, and is known as ” Natural beauty ” ; It is known as the symbol of wealth, auspiciousness and prosperity. It is very suitable for hanging in the living room at home. The traditional Chinese painting peony is a better choice for auspicious feng shui calligraphy and painting in the living room

  ” Boast that the world is unparalleled and the first fragrance in the world ” ;. Peony, with large and colorful flowers, elegant, rich and dignified, rich fragrance and a wide variety, is known as ” National color and natural fragrance” King of flowers ” ; It has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth, auspiciousness and prosperity. Peony painting is a common household Feng Shui hanging painting, which has ” Peony king of the central plains; His peony painting has unique style, elegant shape and vigorous pen and ink. He advocates innovation on the basis of tradition and has very high appreciation and collection value

What are the hanging skills of bedroom decorative painting

first of all, the first landing point of our sight is the best position, and the first landing point of our sight at the door is the most appropriate place to put decorative paintings, so that you won’t feel that the wall at home is very empty. At the same time, we can change the hanging paintings regularly, which can also constantly create a freshness for the room

secondly, placing abstract paintings at home will also be a good choice. Abstract decorative paintings can enhance the sense of space. Modern style home decoration combined with simple abstract paintings can play a role in improving space

Third, how should decorative paintings be placed in the corner of the bedroom? Corner decorative painting changes the direction of vision. In modern design, many designers like to place decorative painting in the corner, such as the 90 degree angle between the two walls of the living room. Corner decorative painting is not very strict on space requirements, which can give people a comfortable feeling. Hang pictures on both walls at the corner to form an L-shaped combination on the wall. This asymmetric beauty can increase the interest of the layout and make the interior feel free from restraint

in addition, the choice of stair decoration painting can be irregular. If you go up the stairs and the wall area you are facing is large, you can ask professionals to draw patterns directly on the wall. This method is very creative. You can design and draw according to your own ideas. In addition, if the area is small, irregular decorative paintings can be placed at the turn of the stairs with the shape of the stairs, and the effect is also very good

What are the common taboos of Feng Shui hanging paintings at home

1. It is not suitable to hang more than one abstract decorative painting of characters, because it will make the family’s emotions repeated, psychological imbalance and easy to be nervous

2. Don’t hang decorative paintings with sunset sinking, so such paintings have the effect of reducing momentum

3. It’s not suitable to hang a big head portrait of a deceased relative, because it will make you do things to increase your pressure

4. It is not suitable to hang decorative paintings such as waterfalls, because the family members of these paintings have repeated luck

5. Don’t hang too many red decorative paintings, because it will make the family vulnerable to injury or grumpy

6. Decorative paintings with too dark color or too much black cannot be bought. These decorative paintings look heavy and make people depressed, pessimistic and lack of motivation

7. Decorative paintings painted with fierce beasts should not be purchased, otherwise the health of the family will be poor

here are some suggestions about Feng Shui in the living room. When choosing the living room to hang pictures, we should not only pay attention to the beauty, but also the Feng Shui problem is equally important

in the choice of hanging pictures, people who want water can hang the picture of nine fish or the picture of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River; Those who want gold are naturally the best to put an iceberg; Those who want fire should put eight steeds or red peony paintings in response to its fire; Those who want wood can hang bamboo for peace; Those who want soil can hang the Great Wall. The decoration of each painting also controls the home feng shui, and its influence on the good and bad of Feng Shui depends on everyone’s cleverness and application. For example, hanging a good feng shui painting to promote prosperity in the place where your family members belong can help this member wonderfully

in daily life, some people hang religious paintings. Religious paintings also produce the five element effect. For example, some people like to put Buddha paintings of Amitabha, and even write a ” Buddha ” ; Word. Amitabha represents golden water, while Buddha is water. Buddha represents the north and Amitabha represents the West. There is a Heart Sutra at home. The Heart Sutra represents fire. People who avoid fire should not hang on to the Heart Sutra

in fact, too many paintings of Buddha and Bodhisattva should not be hung at home, because too many Buddha paintings will affect the relationship between members, especially the love between husband and wife. Too much religious fanaticism on either side will affect the feelings of each other. For a happy family, the key points of religious paintings are up to now. Don’t hang too much. As for the color of the picture frame, it is best to match the five elements. For example, if you want gold, you might as well use gold or silver for the frame edge, green for wood, red and purple for fire, blue and gray for water, etc

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