Must see feng shui of compound decoration

There are many Feng Shui problems in duplex buildings. It doesn’t mean that the house is big enough to meet your vanity. The house is the most important thing for people to live in it healthily! In other words, duplex naturally means a house with two or three floors connected up and down. Up and down, usually through the stairs. Usually the first floor is used as the living room, with a guest room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The second floor is generally used as the master room. If there are three floors, there may be one more study or master room on the third floor

Feng Shui of duplex decoration

definition of duplex building
traditional duplex house refers to a new concept house designed in three-dimensional space, which divides the space of residence into ” Move ” With ” Static ” Two parts. In the final analysis, the key point is that the duplex room is conceptually one floor and does not have a complete two-story space, but the floor height is higher than that of ordinary family housing. Mezzanine can be designed locally, bedroom and study can be arranged, and stairs are used to connect up and down. The purpose is to increase the use area in the limited space and improve the utilization rate of indoor space of the house. From this point of view, it is essentially different from the house of the thermocline

decoration of duplex stairs Feng Shui
duplex stairs generally have three types: spiral stairs, inclined stairs and stairs with turning platform on the way. Compared with inclined stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way, the first step of the stairs is located in the center of the house. If the platform at the end of the stairs is the center of the house, it is a fierce pattern
the design of stairs also has different shapes. Good stairs not only pay attention to beauty, but also pay attention to its safety and applicability. At the same time, they meet the requirements of Feng Shui. For example, turn the stairs facing the top of the gate in one direction, for example, design the shape of the stairs into an arc, so that the entrance of the stairs reverses the direction and backs to the gate. The stairs should be close to the gate. Since the stairs should be located in Wangfang, they should generally be located close to the gate. If the stairway entrance is opposite to the door, room door, kitchen door, toilet door, etc., it will affect the door gas, thus affecting home transportation and adversely affecting people. As a place with strong functionality, the color and lighting of stairs have been ignored by people. In fact, like other rooms, the construction of stairs should also follow certain color requirements. Only a staircase with harmonious colors can bring people the feeling of beauty and delight people’s mood

feng shui knowledge of duplex decoration
duplex buildings are different from quadrangles, one by one, one door to one door, and the structure is often complex. And, most importantly, the master room is often arranged on the second or third floor. In this way, the good gas field has been degraded through the filtration of up and down stairs. As a result, good gas fields often cannot reach the most commonly used places, and bad gas fields accumulate in the bedroom. This is related to the complex and reticulated internal layout of duplex houses. Make the toilet reasonable. The living room and the master room are often not on the same plane. In addition, the study may not be on the same plane. It’s easy to form Na Qi. It’s too complex. It can’t be all right when it’s good, and it may double when it’s bad. In Feng Shui, it is often emphasized that ” Qi Zhuan ” , Like people’s thoughts, it’s too messy and useless. Because of the double entry, the second and third floors should be considered at the same time. Therefore, after the completion of the duplex house, the roof distance is generally less. I believe many people have this feeling. After entering a duplex house for a long time, you will feel very oppressive. I remember seeing a duplex in 2004. When I went in, I was very depressed. This is a form evil in Feng Shui

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