Feng Shui Encyclopedia of interior decoration

The welfare of the decoration rookies is coming. The Feng Shui Collection of interior decoration! Interior decoration includes room design, decoration, furniture layout and various small decorations; Interior decoration is the re creation of indoor space and environment, the connection between man and environment, and the combination of human art and material civilization

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Interior decoration design Feng Shui

1. Couple bedroom

half of one’s life is spent in the bedroom, so the bedroom is the main point and center of the family. The leading idea of design is the spring of love. Therefore, the main tone should be comfortable, quiet, peaceful and conducive to rest. In particular, the bed should be placed in the auspicious square, that is, the four auspicious squares of anger, longevity, natural medicine and Fu position. The people of the West four magnetic fields, West, northwest, southwest and complementary Northeast: the people of the East four magnetic fields, Southeast, South and complementary north, are good places to settle down

2. Study

study is the place for reading and the wisdom of family. It should pay attention to daylighting, good ventilation, quiet main tone and Wenchang desk position. The humanistic prosperity of the house is located in the position of Sifang unitary and Geng; The cultural prosperity of Kun position is in the position of Gen and Chou in the Northeast: the cultural prosperity of Gen position is in the position of Fang Kun in the southwest; The humanistic Chang position of Dui position is in the northwest dry Xu position; (the above are from Xisi magnetic field). The cultural prosperity of zhaixiangkan is located in Xun and Chen in the southeast; The humanistic prosperity is located in the position of Mao and Jia in the East; The Wenchang position of the earthquake location is in the afternoon and C position in the South; the Xun position and Wenchang position are in the Zi and Ren positions in the north. (the above are from Dongsi magnetic field). Feng Shui believes that: ” Heaven lives above the ox star, and the Lord ascends the throne on earth;. It is everyone’s anger to live in the position of ox star

3. The living room

hall is a place for family members to rest and communicate with the outside world. It determines the relationship between family and society and the expansion of career. The main idea of its design is harmony and blessing. Therefore, the whole pattern should be elegant, peaceful, stable and dynamic. In all residences, the living room should be located in the front seat and connected with the porch

4. Kitchen

the kitchen symbolizes wealth and wealth. The leading idea of design is abundance. So the kitchen should be bright and lively. The space shall be as wide and comfortable as possible, the ventilation position shall be good, and attention shall be paid to cleanliness. The discharge position of the stove must be placed in Kyrgyzstan. (including the location of the faucet). Feng Shui believes that the Lord gets rich is ” Tianqian star, With ” The Golden Valley of wealth and honor, and the millet play the name ” The function of. Tianqian stars are very coincidentally distributed in the extended years of each house. Sages believed that longevity and prosperity were inseparable. The distribution of the wealth of the eight houses is roughly as follows: for those in the dry position, the wealth position is in Fangkun and Weiwei in the southwest; Kun’s position is in the northwest, Gan Xu’s position: Gen’s position is in the west, DUI and Geng’s position: Dui’s position is in the northeast, ugly and Gen’s position. The owner of the west fourth house should put the stove and faucet in the above position. The financial position of the person in the Kan position is in the position of C and Wu in the South; Those who leave the throne are in the position of Zi and Ren in the north; The human and financial position of the earthquake is located in Chen and Xun in the southeast; Xun’s wealth is in the position of Dongfang Mao and Jia. The owner of Dongsi magnetic field should put the stove and faucet in the above position. The above financial position positioning methods and positions are also suitable for the placement of the boss’s table in companies, stores, restaurants and office buildings

5. The divine position

religious belief, spiritual sustenance and the sacred position of human sacrifice should choose auspicious prescriptions. Design principle: be solemn, serious and have aura. Note that Buddha and God cannot be placed together, especially face-to-face. In fleeting years, Yin, afternoon, Xu and Sha sit in the north. God’s throne (including ancestral throne), don’t settle and sit north to south. In fleeting years, when it comes to the sea, Mao and the coming years, the evil spirit sits in the West. Gods (including ancestors) should not sit in the north and south. Fleeting years, sewing Si, unitary, ugly years, Sha sitting east. Gods (including ancestors) should not sit east to west. Fleeting years sew Shen, Zi and Chen years, and Sha sits in the south. God’s throne (including ancestral throne), don’t sit south to north. In the decoration, if the owner of the house requires to make a god table, he should pay attention to the following points:

⑴ the height of the God table should be measured by the door meter, which is suitable for the height from the underground, and the auspicious word should be used

⑵ the length of the divine table is measured from left to right to the appropriate length, and the auspicious word is used

⑶ the distance between the opposite side of the divine table should exceed the height of the divine table. Two and a half digits is auspicious

⑷ electric poles, interior and exterior corners, columns and a line of things that hinder the eyes are not allowed opposite the God table

⑤ the fluorescent lamps in front of the God table should be parallel

6 the divine table cannot be higher than the threshold, which is called ” Heng Jian, The main culprit

6. Balcony

in modern cities, balcony is the place where people get angry and sunshine. It symbolizes people’s eyes and breathing, represents distant vision and breathing, and should be far and smooth in design

7. Bathroom

a symbol of family happiness and perfection, representing abdomen, intestines, stomach, sex organs and health. The key point of the design is that the bed is strong and strong. At the same time, it has good privacy. At present, many bathrooms are in the same room, but we should pay attention to convenience and hygiene

8. Toilet

Chinese people believe that the excreta of the body (urine, sweat, semen and menstrual blood) all represent people’s vitality, and the design should be smooth and surplus. And pay attention to hygiene. The most important avoidance is that the toilet and kitchen cannot face the door and the kitchen back cannot be the toilet

improvement of poor Feng Shui structure in interior decoration

I. doors and windows

doors and windows are the channels for anger, which is called ” quot in Feng Shui; Air port, Ancient Feng Shui thought: ” Breath is like the door of man;. Its size should be coordinated with the space of the whole house. Ancient Chinese Feng Shui books have strict regulations on the orientation, shape and size of the gate. In principle, the orientation of the door is consistent with that of the whole house, but sometimes in order to improve Feng Shui, exceptions can be made. Too strong air flow is unfavorable to personal Qi. In order to limit the excessive air flow, we should avoid having three or more doors or windows in the same row, because too many doors and windows are similar to river rush and road rush. Too strong air flow will cut the house into two halves, which will not only damage residents and health, but also affect wealth, increase family problems and even cause disharmony. In addition, overlapping and parallel doors should be avoided. Two doors are concentrated on the same axis, and one door is larger than the other, which is also a bad design. The worst case is that the two doors are opposite and the design is slightly different, such as left or right, high or low. This kind of door is like a knife, which makes the Qi unbalanced. The ancients called it ” Phase bite door ” . The most dangerous door is the inclined door, which will cause unimaginable accidents to the owner of the house. (the same applies to inclined walls and beams). The number of windows should be in harmony with the number of doors. When one window is enough, three or more windows will make the family talkative. The remedy for too many and too large windows is to hang a windmill or wind bell on the top of the door. In addition, large windows can also be divided into fine grids or installed with a single piece of glass. If it has nothing to do with the door, the window can be slightly larger

II. Beams and rafters

too low indoor beams and rafters hinder prosperity and development, which should be paid attention to in design. If the beam is too low and too much, it will not only compress the air, but also hinder the circulation of indoor air. In addition, the position, height, size, material, shape and texture of beam pressure are very important for indoor good and bad luck. If there is a beam on the door, or on the bed, dining table, writing desk and stove, it will oppress and cause the normal air in the room. The beam on the bed is pressed on the head, which is the cause of frequent headache; The beam pressed on the abdomen is the cause of gastric ulcer, back pain and indigestion; If the beam is pressed on the foot, it will also damage the foot. In addition, when the beam is pressed on the desk, people’s intelligence will decline; Pressure on the dining table and stove will lead to loss of wealth and bad business. Remedy: remove the bed, stove, dining table and writing desk under the beam, hang a string of craft firecrackers on the beam, or hang two holes, or hang a Tai Chi mirror in the air. In short, except for beam pressure, any protruding parts and objects in the chamber are harmful to Feng Shui. For example, indoor sharp knife shaped corners, long stair handrails and sharp angle bars will also damage the normal air in the room. For the remedy of sharp corner, put a basin of vine in the corner, or hang a mirror on the side. If possible, change the sharp into a circle. The way to improve the long handrail is very simple. Just cut it short. The rail with acute angle can be used in decoration, and it can be wrapped in materials. The thorough way is to change the acute angle into rounded corner

III. stairs

stairs are the passage of the house, which can lead the air from the first floor to the second or third floor. Stairs are divided into internal air stairs and external air stairs. Internal discharge stairs are lucky, while external air stairs are unlucky. The internal air staircase is opposite to the door. Once a person enters the door and turns, he can go up the stairs. As soon as the external air stairs enter the door, you can see the stairs. The stairs directly or partially opposite to the door is a symbol of bad luck. In addition, the stairs also take singular numbers as auspicious, such as seventeen steps and nineteen steps. Even numbers are fierce, such as eighth and twelfth orders. If the house is large, the elegant semi-circular staircase in the living room is the best design. Spiral stairs are also the best arrangement in shops. Because anger and auspiciousness move in a spiral. In modern shopping malls, ladder elevators are often used to transport guests, and there are no or less downward stairs. This is also the meaning of Feng Shui. It symbolizes that in is greater than out. Money poured in. Similarly, the low ceiling and dim light on the stairs are unlucky, making people feel suffocated and uneasy. Improvement method: hang a mirror on the ceiling and strengthen the brightness of the light

IV. roof ceiling

if the pattern shape of roof ceiling is not well selected, it will also bring bad luck and bad results. At present, in indoor decoration, the pattern design of ceiling appears the phenomenon of simple seeking beauty, complex three-dimensional feeling and random design. Let the air push the balance. Such as square, long, oblique, sharp, angular and circular random combination, which is very complex. These are not Hehu Feng Shui requirements. The following examples are given:

1. The ceiling pattern is rectangular, with star angle shooting, which is mainly harmful to Qi and wealth

2. The flag with ceiling pattern can hurt people and hurt Qi

3. The ceiling pattern is rectangular double cover type, which is mainly responsible for disaster and loss of wealth

4. The ceiling pattern is national flag type, which is mainly harmful to Qi, scattered wealth and damaged Ding

5. The ceiling pattern is a three-story long pointed type, mainly for scattered wealth and blood light

6. The ceiling pattern is rectangular with straight inner corner, which is the sign of the main car accident, the disaster of blood and light, and the human coffin

7. The ceiling pattern is rectangular and double-layer, which is mainly harmful to Qi and money

8. The ceiling pattern is square and concave, which is mainly harmful to Qi and disease

9. The ceiling pattern is chicken cover type, covering Yin and closing Qi and dispersing wealth

10. The ceiling pattern is square or rectangular, with three-dimensional circle. The protagonist shoots, dissipates Qi and wealth

11. The ceiling pattern is rectangular with plum blossom in the middle, which is mainly used to disperse Qi and wealth

12. The ceiling pattern is rectangular and rhombic, with the protagonist shooting, dispersing air, losing harmony and main disease

13. The ceiling pattern is of double angle type, mainly dispersing Qi, disharmony and disease

14. The ceiling pattern is rectangular and angular, mainly a disaster of blood and light

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