How to decorate and layout the shop kitchen with Feng Shui

The decoration and layout of the kitchen should pay attention to Feng Shui. After all, for us, Feng Shui in the kitchen is an important factor related to our luck. In addition, Feng Shui in the kitchen may also be an important factor affecting our health. Although we should pay attention to Feng Shui in the kitchen, we should understand the layout of the kitchen and avoid the related problems of decoration, so how to decorate and layout the kitchen in the shop? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

how to decorate and layout the Feng Shui stove in the kitchen of the shop

location selection of the kitchen

1. The kitchen should not be located in the northwest and due north

the eight diagrams and nine palaces point out that the northwest belongs to the dry palace, the five elements belong to gold, the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, and the establishment of the kitchen in the northwest will lead to fire wangkejin. If it is located in the due north, the five elements in the due north belong to water, It belongs to the extremely cold place in the north, which just forms the image of water and fire war, which is unfavorable to the men in the family, affects their career and health, but also affects the relationship between husband and wife, and is easy to be invaded by thieves. The kitchen should be located in the back half of the house

2. The kitchen should not be set in the center of the house

the center of the house is ” Acupoint Eye ” ; It is the position of emperor pole and the core area of home. Anger slowly spreads from here to the whole room. It is quiet and peaceful. It is not suitable for something to oppress or induce the Qi here

3. The floor of the kitchen shall not be higher than the floor of the hall, room, etc.

the primary and secondary are different. The kitchen shall not be higher than the hall and room. If you serve food from the kitchen into the hall, you should rise step by step. On the contrary, there is the risk of returning money, which can also effectively prevent the backflow of sewage

Feng Shui of kitchen door

1. The kitchen door cannot be directly opposite the door and bedroom door

the three essentials of public house points out: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , The kitchen is facing the door. The hostess’s health is harmful, and it is difficult to gather wealth at home. Her luck is repeated. If she is facing the bedroom door, the oil smoke will easily make the residents dizzy and grumpy. The way to improve this pattern is to change the door

2. The kitchen door should not be directly opposite or the same door as the toilet

as the source of a large and small mouth, the stove must be lucky. The toilet is an unclean place, and the kitchen represents fire and the toilet represents water. The incompatibility between water and fire will lead to the disharmony between husband and wife, the family is not home, and will also affect the physical health of the family. If the kitchen and toilet share one door, it will make the household water and fire unrestrained, which is very unlucky. You can’t go to the toilet first and then enter the kitchen

feng shui knowledge:

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Layout of kitchen stove Feng Shui

1. The stove cannot be under the cross beam

in Feng Shui, the top pressing of the cross beam is an unlucky saying. It should not be pressed where it is often in and out and operated. As a platform for food system, the stove will be harmful to health

2. The stove must not have no backing behind it

the health, marriage and fame of the stove owner’s family should be relied on. The back must not be empty. It must rely on the solid wall. If it is a glass wall, it is inappropriate

3. The stove cannot face the toilet.

the toilet is a place where dirt and bacteria are concentrated. The stove is where food is cooked. Pay attention to hygiene to prevent diseases from entering from the mouth. In addition, the stove cannot be opposite to the toilet

4. The stove should not be exposed to the setting sun

in Feng Shui, the kitchen faces the west, especially the cooking stove is exposed to the west sun, which is unlucky

5. Kitchen stoves should not go straight through the door

kitchen stoves, as a place for cooking food and supporting life, should not be too exposed, especially the external air brought in by the door

6. The stove cannot be pressed directly against the balcony aisle

corridor. The Lord does not gather money and is prone to diseases such as high blood pressure

7. The stove should not be directly facing the refrigerator and sink

the refrigerator also represents a place for storage and wealth accumulation. It is water in nature and is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members’ physical discomfort

explanation on how to decorate and layout the shop kitchen Feng Shui

I. the kitchen door is opposite to the front door, back door and toilet door

the kitchen door is opposite to the front door, which is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, the inexplicable cost of money at home will be very serious. Kitchen door to toilet door will cause digestive system and financial damage

Second, avoid open kitchen

modern interior design often likes to design the kitchen as open in order to pursue the sense of fashion and increase the sense of space. In fact, the silver stove of the open kitchen is exposed, so the ability to collect money is also weak. At the same time, when using the open kitchen, the oil fume will also be emitted into the living room when frying food. Even if the range hood is used, the oil fume can not be completely sucked away. Therefore, the oil fume smell will often remain in the living room, which is harmful to the living environment and personal health

In order to save space and facilitate design, some houses will seal the toilet door adjacent to the kitchen and open a door in the kitchen as a way to the toilet, which will become going through the kitchen before entering the toilet

in fact, the kitchen belongs to fire and the toilet belongs to water. The kitchen and toilet are connected and share a door, which will form the conflict between water and fire. At the same time, the foul air of the toilet will be mixed into the kitchen, which will hinder the hygiene, and the family is prone to many diseases

if the kitchen is opposite to the toilet door, water and fire will collide, and the husband and wife are prone to skin diseases or gastrointestinal sensitivity

IV. the kitchen should not be in the center of the house

the kitchen belongs to fire. If it is located in the center of the house, it is equal to ” Burn the heart, Family health is vulnerable. It is better to set the kitchen in the auspicious position. Generally, it is safer to lean against the side of the unit

v. avoid using red and black in the kitchen

because the stove belongs to fire, and red also belongs to fire. If it is dominated by red, it is easy to lead to too much fire, fire burning and soil drying, and be grumpy or prone to liver disease as scheduled

black should not be selected, because black belongs to water, which collides with the fire stove and affects the health of your partner. The kitchen should be decorated mainly in light colors, such as beige, ivory, etc

VI. avoid water and fire in the kitchen

because water and fire should not collide, the faucet position in the kitchen should not be opposite to the stove. Otherwise, the hostess’s waist bone is easy to have problems, and the husband and wife are also troubled by feelings. Faucet and stove should be ” L”; Shape placement

VII. Do not press the stove with beams in the kitchen

if there are beams in the kitchen, there is no adverse effect in principle. However, the cross beam pressure stove will be unfavorable to those who often go in and out of the kitchen for cooking and poor health

explain how to decorate and layout the shop kitchen

the kitchen needs to maintain air circulation and cannot be flushed by oil smoke

it is relatively reasonable to design range hood in kitchen. I always feel dirty when I cook and copy vegetables. In this regard, the most taboo of the kitchen is that the kitchen door is opposite to the bedroom or living room door. Usually cooking, there will be noise, which will not only affect the sleep of people sleeping in the bedroom, but also affect their health for a long time

the kitchen needs to keep sufficient light, not dark days

the design of the kitchen cannot be compared with the dark partition. It likes light. Light sterilization plays a role in health protection. In addition, there are places with sunshine and laughter. It also represents a healthy and harmonious family

the door of the kitchen should not be kept, and the toilet should be relatively

we all know that the toilet is a dirty place, which is easy to get unlucky. Therefore, the kitchen should not be relatively. So why shouldn’t the door be opposite to the kitchen? Yang Zhai said: ” Open the door and waste more money ” , In this way, the opposite side of the door is opposite to the stove, which is not conducive to the prosperity of the family. Moreover, the stove is the main fire, and the fire represents the temper of the owner. Therefore, the family is easy to cause disputes, or because of property. In short, it is relatively unfavorable

the kitchen needs to be dry and not too wet

besides keeping the kitchen clean, you also need to keep it dry. To find a healthy and angry place. Just like people’s clothes, clothes that are too wet will cause people to catch a cold and have a fever. They can only be dried to make people comfortable and energetic

knives and sharp tools in the kitchen should not be exposed

knives and sharp tools in the kitchen are easy to attract evil spirits, so they cannot be exposed. The home teacher of suggested putting the knife in the knife holder. Such a regular arrangement is not only convenient for the host to ” Handy ” , Easy to find, but also not easy to hurt others

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