Decoration of living room wall

The focus of living room decoration is on the wall. It’s a pity to leave this treasure land empty and do nothing. In fact, as long as it is slightly decorated and some works of art are hung, the whole wall will be different. What kind of art should we choose? The number of hanging works of art, the best height of hanging, etc. not only need some basic skills, but also conform to the situation of the house itself

the types of works of art follow the decoration style of the whole living room, so as to create an overall atmosphere; The size of the artwork should be in harmony with the height of the wall. If it is a Chinese painting, the length of the vertical axis should not exceed two-thirds of the height of the wall. If it is western painting, the maximum frame can not exceed half of the wall; The main color of artworks is related to the background color of the wall and the light effect, especially the light effect should be taken to the best position as far as possible; Or just hang your favorite art on the wall

the theme wall decoration is better to enrich, which can play the effect of Art Museum. Of course, some people don’t want to hang too many works of art. It’s OK to hang one on such a large wall, but this work of art must be upgraded and slightly larger, otherwise it’s too much to lift a poor painting with the whole wall. The hanging line of wall decoration shall be unified in color as far as possible, otherwise the colorful hanging rope will destroy the beauty of the art itself. The following is a brief introduction to several wall decoration methods:


parallel arrangement

plays a decorative effect with parallel arrangement patterns, which is concise, crisp and straightforward. Of course, the arrangement mode is variable, which can be either parallel or vertical. In short, this mode has the meaning of classical symmetry and neatness in the composition. The content selection of such pictures is relaxed and lively, and the freehand brushwork factor is more than Meticulous Brushwork, which will inadvertently subvert the regular decoration

II. staggered pattern

this is a method of decorating the wall with staggered picture frames. According to the principle of geometric pattern, the frame size not only highlights the overall effect, but also has the function of single narration. The method is more modern, and the foil and coordination of color constitute an important part of decoration. The disadvantage of this combination is that the small paintings are not eye-catching enough and are not decorated with pictures with color stimulation and obvious pattern effect. In this combination, the small paintings often only play the role of decoration and foil. If the color is dim, it is easy to be submerged visually

III. shelf installation

make a modern Bogu rack installed on the wall to strengthen the decorative role of the wall. The shape of Bogu shelf can be traditional, that is, multilateral and changeable; It can also be modern, that is, the sidelines are unified and refuse to change. The key is to put aside what works of art face to face. The central part naturally needs to put heavyweight artifacts, whether Western or Eastern, depending on what you have. No matter whether you own art or not, do not put plastic and other non handmade products in the center. The placement method of Bogu shelf is very museum, which can play the purpose of exhibition and appreciation

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