What is the stress of the toilet in the house on Feng Shui

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is an indispensable part of an ordinary house. Although the Yin and moisture in the bathroom are heavy from the perspective of Feng Shui, this does not mean that the bathroom will affect the feng shui of the whole house. In fact, as long as the Feng Shui owned by the toilet is normal and there is no problem in the orientation of the toilet door, the toilet will not damage the Feng Shui in the house

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the location of the toilet is very important

you can choose to build the toilet in the fierce position in the house. Because the humidity in the toilet is heavy, it has strong water of five elements and has a good restraint effect on the vicious gas. This is the same as the fish tank suitable for placing in the fierce position in the living room. From this point of view, the bathroom is like a large one placed in the house ” Fish tank ” ; Average

never locate the toilet in the center of the house, which is a great damage to the feng shui of the whole house. Because from the perspective of nine palaces flying stars and geomantic omen, the central position of the housing pattern is the place where geomantic omen converges, which is only suitable for the living room

the bathroom door cannot face the kitchen door

the bathroom door cannot face the kitchen door in the room regardless of its orientation. Because the kitchen stove is strong, that is, the fire of the five elements is strong, and the bathroom with the water of the five elements has Feng Shui restraint. Once the doors of the two rooms collide with each other, it will lead to Feng Shui disorder

the bathroom cannot face the balcony

this situation will also lead to the emergence of Chong Sha Feng Shui. Geomantic omen will flow in from the balcony. If it is opposite to the bathroom door, it will have an impact on the geomantic omen in the bathroom. In this way, the toilet can not maintain the stability of Feng Shui

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