Taboo of toilet decoration and popular science of Feng Shui

Because the toilet is filthy and stinky, people often ignore the decoration of the toilet Feng Shui; And many people think that the bathroom is an insignificant place. How to decorate the bathroom has little impact on the feng shui of the home, so they won’t pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom! As everyone knows, the small bathroom will determine the Feng Shui aura of the whole home

the bathroom must have windows

although the bathroom is dirty, the bathroom also has to pay attention to Feng Shui; It is precisely because the air in the bathroom is dirty, so the bathroom must be equipped with a window and good ventilation equipment, so as to make the gas field in the bathroom clean and avoid the accumulation of foul gas in the bathroom, and the Yin is getting deeper and deeper! However, when decorating the toilet, many people often ignore this point, resulting in no windows in the toilet. However, such decoration will lead to the lack of circulation of the air in the toilet, the lack of circulation of the air and the inability to discharge the foul gas, which will only lead to the accumulation of the foul gas, odor and mess in the toilet and spread to the home. In this way, the home is full of the foul gas in the toilet and the Feng Shui becomes worse, Of course, the luck is also very bad. It can be seen that if there is no window in the bathroom, it will cause bad feng shui

the toilet cannot use red

the decoration of the toilet is also very particular about the selection and use of color; In life, the most common colors in the bathroom are blue, white and other brighter colors. Of course, some people will use black and red to decorate the bathroom! From the perspective of Feng Shui, the decoration of the bathroom is broken and red can not be used! Because red is the color of fire in the five elements, and the five elements in the bathroom are water, when you use red in the bathroom, it will only form a situation where water and fire overcome each other. In this way, it will affect not only the Feng Shui in the bathroom, but also the Feng Shui atmosphere of the home. From another point of view, since ancient times, the toilet has been a dirty place and a place for villains to gather. If red is used, it will help boost the villains’ fortune, lead to villains becoming more and more powerful, and affect our life, career and work

the shape of the toilet should not be irregular

although the toilet is a dirty place in the home and a place for family excretion, the toilet is also a part of the home. The feng shui of the toilet is closely related to the Feng Shui of the home. Therefore, you must pay attention to the decoration and Feng Shui of the bathroom. Feng Shui believes that the shape taboo of the toilet is irregular. The irregular shape of the toilet will not only cause a very bad feng shui aura, but also destroy their own home feng shui

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