What about the location of home air conditioning

The air conditioner emits cold air, so the air conditioner belongs to gold in the five elements, which is the same as the refrigerator. If the time of summer is relatively long and the air conditioner is opened for more than half a year or more, the air conditioner will have a great impact on home feng shui. However, it should be noted that the air conditioner that does not start basically does not constitute Feng Shui effect

① living room ” mdash” mdash; The most taboo of the air conditioner outlet is to blow to the wealth position and take away the wealth in the home together with the cold wind without trace, and the door in the home is the main wealth. Therefore, if the air conditioner directly faces the door, it will not only vent the wealth, but also symbolize the idea that the popularity blows out and the family is not warm. Correction method: hang a glass screen or cloth curtain at the porch to dissolve it

the air outlet of the air conditioner directly blows the main chair in the living room (i.e. the sofa for three people), which makes the face sitting here very uncomfortable. It represents the instability of the backer and affects the luck of work and career. Correction: let the air outlet of the air conditioner come from the side, or move the position of the main sofa

② bedroom ” mdash” mdash; When people sleep, their sweat pores are wide open and their respiratory system is less fortified. Therefore, if the air conditioning wind blows directly to the human body, it will not only make the body uncomfortable or catch a cold, but also attract evil Qi. Correction method: raise the air outlet upward, or slightly open the windows in the room

③ study ” mdash” mdash; Air conditioning makes people cool, so it has the function of condensing thinking and improving reading concentration. If the air conditioner in the study can be moved to the north and use the energy of air conditioning operation, it will drive Wenchang good luck, which will be beneficial to candidates or scholars. Of course, remember not to blow the air outlet towards your face or head, so that your head will be unbearable before you finish reading the book

④ Restaurant ” mdash” mdash; After using the air conditioner for a period of time, it is inevitable to accumulate dust. Therefore, if the air conditioner in the dining room blows directly on the table, it is likely that the dust will fall into the hot food with the wind. Of course, it is easier to cool the delicious meals on the table. Therefore, the air conditioner in the dining room had better not be above or near the table

⑤ kitchen ” mdash” mdash; The kitchen stove is where the whole family can fill their stomachs. If the air conditioner directly affects the stove fire, it will make the stove fire not prosperous, which will destroy the energy of food in cooking, and then affect the health of residents. In addition, the stove fire is also representative, so it also has a great impact on the sexual life of couples. Correction method: do not install air conditioner if you can, but if you must, blow the wind to the ceiling or side as much as possible

many people have a habit of accepting air conditioners left by first-hand residents whenever they move into second-hand buildings. In fact, the air conditioner has accumulated the cold bacteria and mildew of the last family. Even if the last family is very prosperous, it is also someone else’s aura. When the air conditioner is started, it will release a completely different aura or smell from yourself, which is unfavorable to Feng Shui. Therefore, every time you move into a new house, you’d better install a new air conditioner. Even if you can’t replace it, ask workers to thoroughly clean the air conditioner once

if the air conditioner is installed in the financial position, of course, the air conditioner on that side is always on, so as to absorb more lucky goods into the house

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