Placement and storage of desk supplies

The supplies on the desk are also placed in a particular way, because they are closely related to organized thinking. There must be a pattern of high mountains and low rivers on the desk. The supplies at both ends of the desk cannot be placed higher than the head, and the user cannot stretch out his head, which is a big taboo. It must be prepared from high to low. Specifically, for male users, the green dragon position on the left hand should be high and moving, and the white tiger position on the right hand should be low and quiet, while important items with energy passing through, such as telephone, fax machine and electric lamp, should be placed on the left. For female users, the white tiger position on the right should be strengthened, and important items can be placed on the right

the desk should be kept neat and clean. After each work or reading, it should not be too troublesome and tidy up. This is conducive to the next reading and learning, so that its effect can be kept in a cycle. Each time, it starts in order, ends in order, and ends in order. It is beneficial to quickly start the brain machine and think flexibly and clearly

the furniture in the study should use dark colors, such as chestnut, dark brown, iron red and other dignified, concise, thick and simple colors, which are conducive to thinking rather than being worldly and fancy. Bookcase bookcase should be made of wood materials. Wood is the master of spring. Wood bookcase helps to increase Yang Qi, and wood is flexible, which makes people calm and conducive to learning. The color should be dark. The deep color is heavy

books should avoid ghost evil books, which are gloomy and evil, which is not conducive to mental and physical health; Avoid fierce books, which are terrible, which is not conducive to the nervous system and makes people easy to have nightmares; Avoid obscene books. Obscene books contain evil and filthy Qi, which is easy to erode healthy qi, weaken healthy qi and reduce house transportation