What flowers and plants are best placed in the study

The study should be full of scholarly atmosphere. It’s best to put flowers and plants in their Wenchang position. Asparagus, Fugui bamboo, mountain bamboo flower, ivy, etc. can be used. These flowers can make people think actively and are conducive to study and work

asparagus. Asparagus, also known as yunpiansong, asparagus and Yunzhu, is a perennial evergreen vine foliage plant and a famous ornamental plant. Asparagus is a plant of Asparagus in Liliaceae. Its roots are used as medicine. It has the effect of treating acute tracheitis and relieving cough, and has the function of moistening the lung. It is mainly potted foliage observation, and it is also an important leaf cutting material

mangosteen flower. Shanzhuhua is a perennial herb. Its stems and leaves look like miniature bamboo. It is not too tall, and its corolla is as big as a dollar coin; The designs and colors are white, pink, red, purple, etc; The flower is a single petal, with long round petals and serrated edges. The six petals are tightly surrounded into a circle, with two stamens in the middle like butterfly tentacles. In geomantic omen, mangosteen has the function of flourishing and prospering. Indoor planting helps to improve the thinking ability of homeowners

ivy. Ivy is an evergreen woody vine native to Europe, Asia and North Africa. It has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. It likes cold climate and has strong cold resistance. It can be used as medicine. Ivy is an excellent plant for three-dimensional greening. It is mostly planted in front of buildings in the South and potted in the north. Due to the variable leaf shape and color of ivy, it is often used as a hanging plant to hang on halls, corridors and scaffolds. It can also set up supports to decorate the corners of living rooms and meeting rooms. Small plants can be used as table decorations

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