How to build a prosperous career of home feng shui

In real life, many people have misunderstandings on this point. They usually think that good feng shui in the office is enough, while Feng Shui at home has little significance and impact on job promotion. There are a lot of business people in the office, but the influence is not the same as that in the home. There are the following aspects that can improve career fortune in home feng shui:

first, place Kirin

only when the house is prosperous will it be conducive to career. In general, you can choose to place a pair of Unicorns at home to make the family prosperous. Moreover, unicorns are not only prosperous in wealth, but also conducive to sending children. Modern people have relatively more infertile people because of high work pressure, living habits, diet and other reasons. Placing unicorns can strengthen this situation. When placing unicorns, you should pay attention to placing the head of Unicorns outside the house

II. red ornaments

put some red furniture and ornaments on the Oriental position, such as mahogany pendant, which can make the family full of energy, which is conducive to career and study

III. yellow ornaments

yellow has always been used to represent wealth, while the positive western position is considered to be the direction of leading career and wealth. Therefore, if we place yellow furniture ornaments on the positive western position, such as topaz or some other yellow items, they can bring vigorous wealth to residents and make career fly ” Yellow ” ; Tengda

IV. white crystal

white crystal is conducive to people’s career development and health. It is transparent, colorless or the energy of white crystal, corresponding to the seven rounds of the human body (that is, the ” top wheel ” ; in all parts of the human body), For example, the middle position of the top of the head can expel the sick gas and black gas from the soles of the feet, which can make people clear in mind and refreshing in spirit, which is very helpful to career and health. If it is placed on the desk or desk, we should choose the larger white crystal column, which can better help and enhance the career of users

v. bedroom orientation

different bedroom orientations emit different effects. The bedroom in the due north direction is conducive to freelancers; The bedroom in the northeast is conducive to people engaged in the service industry; The northwest bedroom is conducive to management positions; The bedroom in the east direction is conducive to young enterprisers; Bedrooms in the southeast help residents get help from the outside world; The bedroom in the south is easy to get inspiration in an instant; The southwest bedroom helps to enhance one’s patience; The west facing bedroom is suitable for relieving stress and strengthening sleep

in addition, the twelve zodiac animals have their own promotion positions. For example, if they belong to cattle, they can place a cow ornament in the southwest of their home; If you are a tiger, you can put a tiger ornament in the southeast of your home, and so on

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