Design of living room floor

The first criterion for choosing the floor is to be flat. Some designs concave part of the whole living room floor, or raise part of the indoor floor, thinking that it looks changed and creative. In fact, these are bad designs

in Feng Shui, an uneven floor symbolizes disgrace. Even if it does not lead to disgrace, this kind of floor is prone to accidents. If you are not careful, you will step empty and fall, which is harmful to your health

especially if there are old people and children at home, the floor should be flat. We should try to keep the same height, flat and neat, so as to avoid accidents such as slip and wrestling

although some friends may think that even if the indoor floor is uneven, you won’t fall as long as you watch the floor walk, but you will always be in a state of tension. You should be careful step by step, for fear that if you step down carelessly, it will easily lead to neurasthenia in the long run

therefore, the indoor floor must be equally flat. Don’t take it for granted to easily change the design. Similarly, the wall entering the door in the living room should not be set with a concave cabinet. The wall close to the door should be flat and avoid concave convex, and it can not be installed as a concave cabinet

why should the living room floor be solid? Because the living room is a common space with the highest utilization rate of the family, Feng Shui believes that the living room floor should be solid and the color should be dark, because the floor symbolizes the foundation of the home

let’s first consider the quality of the living room floor. As the saying goes: look at the hall before entering the door, and look at the floor before entering the hall. The material and quality of the living room floor is a symbol of a family’s status and wealth. If the floor is dilapidated in use, it will give people a feeling of family decline, which is not easy to clean and looks very unsightly

therefore, once you find that your floor is damaged, you should replace it immediately. If the floor material of the living room is exquisite, the installation is meticulous and flat as new, it will give people an impression of dignity, wealth and atmosphere, and show the extraordinary social status and prosperity of the homeowner

the color of the living room floor should be darker, and strive to be calm and thick, giving people a feeling that they can rely on. At the same time, the deep color of the floor also symbolizes the deep foundation, which is also in line with the way of Feng Shui. If you want to match the decorative color system of the floor and the living room, you must choose some bright colors

at this time, we need to use dark materials to do some necessary treatment on the four sides of the floor, and then adjust the middle part with slightly lighter materials, so as to press the light feeling of light color with dark four frames, and finally achieve the purpose of massiness

of course, carpets can also be paved on the floor, and some colorful colors can be selected for the carpet. As the carpet is only used for decoration, the area should not be too large. If it is too large, it will be suspected of grabbing the host. The patterns of carpets that play a decorative role should be mainly auspicious, joyful and pleasing

the floor of the living room should not be too smooth. In order to achieve a beautiful and beautiful visual effect, some people often wax it on the floor, or polish it very smooth with professional machines. This looks better than teaching. However, from the perspective of home safety, this is not a good way, because family and friends may fall and get injured because the floor is too smooth

traditionally, it is considered that the pattern of the living room floor is the most taboo to have sharp corners to flush the door. There are many patterns of floor patterns. Therefore, when choosing, we should take those auspicious contents as the first choice and avoid choosing materials with sharp corner patterns. Once the sharp corner rushes through the door, it will give people a sense of adventure and bring a sense of insecurity to daily life in the future. It is easy to make the family feel restless and cause some unnecessary trouble

at the same time, the living room is the common living space and life focus of the family, and an important place for interpersonal communication. Therefore, Feng Shui here is very important. At the same time, the living room is also the facade of the house. From the decoration, we can see the personality and taste of the homeowner. Generally speaking, the living room should give people a comfortable and elegant feeling, not messy and vulgar

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