Eight horse picture hanging Feng Shui in the living room

The living room is a very important place in the whole house, because the living room not only occupies a very large area in the house, but also is a place for family members to have long-term activities and receive guests. We can hang pictures in the living room as decoration. It is more suitable to hang some calligraphy and paintings with the meaning of beauty and auspiciousness in the living room, such as the picture of eight horses. In ancient times, there were many deeds about horses, and heroes always had a good horse of their own

for most people, there are many ways to decorate the house, but many people will choose calligraphy and painting to decorate. As the main place of home life, the living room is also the main influence place of family Feng Shui fortune, and the hanging pictures in the living room will directly reflect the owner’s taste, so when choosing the hanging pictures in the living room, you will choose celebrity calligraphy and painting. We all like to dress up our home more relaxed, natural and meaningful, and many people will choose to hang the eight horses map in the living room. Today, I Feng Shui Fstips will talk about whether the eight horses map is suitable for hanging in the living room

from the perspective of Feng Shui, hanging paintings in the living room is suitable for hanging some calligraphy and paintings with beautiful meanings, such as the picture of eight horses, the wealth of flowers, or some landscape paintings with auspicious meanings. The choice of each painting in the living room should not only consider personal preferences, but also consider the Feng Shui implication it represents. Is the eight horses picture suitable for hanging in the living room? The picture of eight horses hanging in the living room gives people a strength to forge ahead

there are eight horses, one is Jedi, one is Fanyu, one is benxiao, one is Chaoying, one is Yuhui, one is chaoguang, one is tengwu, and one is Qiyi. Eight horses, eight skills. The teacher’s animal painting “eight steeds” is completely in accordance with the layout of the eight steeds. His horses are strong and heroic, majestic and powerful, light and sharp, peaceful and gregarious, brave and tame, symmetrical and beautiful, so they are deeply loved by people. Both decoration and viewing are good choices. As a collection, it has great potential

in Feng Shui, horses are generally used to make money. The eight steeds are galloping and magnificent. When they are successful, they are invincible, which is very in line with home decoration. The eight horses have different postures, galloping in the air, and the momentum of ten thousand horses is very charming

we often say the spirit of dragon and horse. The horse like a dragon in ancient legends symbolizes health, ambition, kindness and endless life. It is a good mascot for reputation and career, so the picture of eight horses is very suitable to hang in the living room

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