What kind of kitchen Feng Shui cabinet has a good color

Different colors of the kitchen will form different decoration styles and give us different sensory feelings. A favorite color can also help us feel good every day. However, the choice of kitchen color is not only about personal preferences, but also about feng shui. Feng Shui is the most important for us, because different colors will lead to different Feng Shui auras, So what kind of kitchen Feng Shui cabinet has a good color? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

one and five elements color

kitchen from the five elements, the kitchen belongs to fire, and the color of cabinet Feng Shui should choose the color of five elements fire or wood

five element color attribute:

water: blue, black and gray

Fire: pink, orange, red

Gold: white, gold and silver

wood: green and green

soil: yellow, brown, coffee

II. Color selection

although the black cabinet is more dirt resistant, it will be more convenient and easy to clean. However, black cabinets should not be used in the cooking room. In terms of color, this color is easy to make people feel lifeless and give people a feeling of lethargy. Imagine that you can have a good mood when cooking in such an environment, which will also affect our luck

the color of the cabinet should avoid yellow in Feng Shui. The Yellow five elements belong to soil and the kitchen belongs to fire. Because of the principle that fire generates soil, the soil is prosperous by fire and the fire is consumed by soil, so the yellow cabinet drains the kitchen belonging to fire instead. Therefore, it is unwise to choose the yellow cabinet or yellow ceramic tile to decorate the kitchen

black and red are the most taboo colors in the kitchen. What color can match the kitchen atmosphere? Generally bright white or light gray can be conducive to people’s luck. Secondly, you can also choose green, which is fresh and elegant. It is very environmentally friendly and conducive to health in the kitchen

red is relatively bright. Putting it in the kitchen can really increase the mood. It is a cabinet color that many people will choose, but it will hinder the fortunes of their families. Because the kitchen is originally quite angry, with red cabinets, the two will hedge, which is not conducive to the stability of the magnetic field, which will affect the whole kitchen and easily lead to poor luck

cabinet color Feng Shui should avoid white, metal color and silver gray. The five elements of white, metallic and silver gray belong to gold. The five elements of the kitchen belong to fire. Fire conquers gold. It conquers cabinets, not a kitchen symbolizing wealth. Therefore, it belongs to the theory of medium, not fierce or auspicious

Third, pay attention to cabinet Feng Shui

the setting of cabinet must pay attention to avoid excessive oil fume. Because the oil fume in the kitchen is heavy and easy to flow into the bedroom, the oil fume will also lead to family dizziness and irritability, which will affect the health of family members. Therefore, when setting cabinet, we must consider how to discharge the oil fume to the greatest extent. Moreover, the noise in the kitchen will hinder the family’s sleep, so the design of doors and windows in the kitchen must be tight enough and sound insulation

the kitchen cabinet is in the northwest or west of the house. These two directions and five elements belong to gold, which is the image of fire and gold. The main luck is repeated, so it is not suitable to be located in the northwest and southwest of the house

kitchen cabinets are placed in the south of the house. Feng Shui is in the south of the house. The South belongs to fire. This is a sign of excessive anger, which can only be regarded as a theory of auspiciousness

the kitchen cabinet is in the north of the house. The North belongs to water, so it is called water and fire, and the Lord’s family is safe

in fact, the cabinet is a very important furniture in the kitchen, and generally speaking, the cabinet is specially customized, and people will customize the cabinet according to their favorite style and color. We don’t know how the feng shui of the cabinet will be related to the feng shui of the kitchen, which is also closely related to our luck, so we must pay attention to the feng shui of the cabinet

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