Which position of plants in the home is the most profitable

In Feng Shui, indoor plants placed in different places have different effects. In geomantic omen, plants belong to wood, and their relationship with orientation is as follows: the East is wood, and plants are placed in the East, which is the image of standard, indicating family harmony

in the west, gold is gold, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of plants

fire is in the south, and wood makes fire, which is a symbol of reputation and status, but there should not be many plants in this side

in the north, there is water, and aquatic trees are like fish in water, indicating that the cause is booming

in the center is earth, and wood conquers earth, which is an unlucky image. Therefore, neither indoor plants nor courtyard plants can be placed in the middle

in addition, from the relationship between Bagua and orientation, the southeast is the image of wind, and there are trees in the five elements of this orientation, so it is conducive to plants and is considered to represent wealth

there are celestial phenomena in the northwest and terrestrial phenomena in the southwest. There is gold in the five elements, which is not conducive to plants

the northeast is a mountain with trees in the five elements, and the mountain is a place with many trees, so it is not suitable to put plants

of course, the relationship between plants and orientation also depends on the temperature, lighting and other conditions in the house. Different plants should be located in different houses

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