Why can’t the kitchen go in and out of the same door as the toilet

As the source of a family’s stomachs, the kitchen needs to absorb more auspicious gas. The toilet is the filthy place of the house, which will send out bad luck. Moreover, the kitchen is a place of fire, while the bathroom is a place of water. If they both use the same door, it will lead to incompatibility between water and fire and discord between husband and wife at home. In addition, from the perspective of hygiene, the toilet is close to the kitchen, which is also easy to cause pollution by various bacteria and viruses, causing damage to health

the kitchen should be separated from the toilet as far as possible, otherwise all the filth of the toilet will rush to the kitchen, and of course, the money can’t be kept. At this time, an L-shaped screen can be set to export the foul gas, or a long cloth curtain can be hung on the toilet door, and a group of five emperors’ money can be placed on the threshold of the toilet for defusing. It should be noted that the length of the curtain should exceed the height of the gas stove and the height of the toilet. The material of the curtain should be impervious. Never choose lace or bead curtain

in addition, even if the bathroom is temporarily unavailable, you must not take off your clothes and wipe yourself in the kitchen. This is a great disrespect to the kitchen god and will affect your wealth

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