How about the fridge in the kitchen

In the five elements, the stove belongs to fire, the refrigerator belongs to water, and the stove belongs to fire. The encounter of water and fire will damage the luck. Therefore, the refrigerator should not be placed in the position directly opposite or close to the stove, which is easy to cause family members’ physical discomfort

when avoiding the stove, the refrigerator should be placed facing north, which can not only absorb the cold of the north, but also avoid family quarrels caused by water and fire

there is also the attribute of gold in the five elements of the refrigerator. Therefore, if there is a lack of gold in the fortune teller of a member of the family, you can place the refrigerator in the direction of the member. This method can also be applied to other rooms. If you are the homeowner of the home, you can put the refrigerator in the living room to enhance its gold transportation; If the eldest son is short of gold, you can put a small refrigerator in the cabinet in his bedroom

in addition, it should be noted that although the refrigerator is a cold and bulky electrical appliance, it is not suitable for home buyers to suppress evil spirits. This is because Feng Shui believes that the taboo of the evil side is that it should be quiet rather than moving, but the electrical appliance with the longest running time in the home, which doesn’t stop for almost 24 hours. Placing it in the evil side will disturb the evil star and stimulate it to abuse. Moreover, the refrigerator is the place where food is stored at home. It is actually a treasury. Placing the Treasury on the evil side may lead to wealth leakage. Therefore, the refrigerator should be placed in Kyrgyzstan

generally speaking, people will choose white refrigerators. But Feng Shui believes that people should choose the color of the refrigerator according to their five elements

the refrigerator is used to store food, a place to gather money and a treasury in Feng Shui. In order to attract wealth, the refrigerator must not be empty. It must be replenished in time. The full food in the refrigerator symbolizes that there is no worry about food and clothing at home

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