Window Feng Shui layout

For people living in urban unit houses, there are few opportunities to open the door. Generally, it will be opened only when they enter and exit. Therefore, the window has become a place to receive gas, so the window layout is particularly important. If there is evil spirit, it will seriously affect the health and wealth of their families

the layout of window Feng Shui should first pay attention to the wide vision in front of the window, no shelter, and it is best to have flowing traffic or rivers, which will bring wealth, promotion and fame to the owner. If you put a golden dragon in the window and the mouth of the Dragon faces outward, your luck will be more vigorous

of course, the house cannot be changed at will, and the position of the window cannot be changed if it is not good. At this time, if there is a bad breath outside the window, it can be solved by corresponding methods

(1) if the window faces a sharp object, a building similar to a blade, reflective glass, electric lamp post or electric tower, which is harmful to health and may cause a disaster of blood and light, you can hang a small sword outside the window at this time

(2) if the window is facing the police station, hospital, funeral home, temple, garbage dump, slaughterhouse, etc., it will affect people’s wealth, health and mood. At this time, you can hang a real gourd outside the window and open the gourd cover to contain the bad luck and filth

(3) if the window faces the anti arc road or river, it seems to be separated by a sickle, it indicates that the family’s feelings are broken and their money is wasted. At this time, you can put a tamarind in the window, which can avoid evil spirits and prosper wealth

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