Common Feng Shui problems at home

In fact, everyone’s life will be troubled by some trivial things. Most of the time, people worry about the problem of clothing, food, housing and transportation. In fact, if you don’t pay attention to Feng Shui at home, your luck in all aspects will not be good


the most direct impact of Feng Shui in the kitchen is the marriage of the hostess and the wealth of the family. When we decorate the kitchen Feng Shui, we also need to follow the five elements orientation and the likes and dislikes of numerology and eight trigrams. These colors need to be paid attention to, so the kitchen is best to choose to be composed separately, and this is not an open type. The kitchen door, refrigerator and electrical water circuit should follow certain related matters, and we also need to avoid the problem of the opposition between the five elements and numerology, When the layout of our kitchen is reasonable, we also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of our daily kitchen and the warehouse for storing rice grain. In this way, people will feel a strong sense of happiness when they return home, and the family will be more harmonious and prosperous


the bathroom is the main place for our cleaning and sewage discharge. It is generally set at the four corners of the home or at the forehead with good ventilation. In the feng shui of the bathroom, the most important thing is the position of the mirror and toilet. In addition, the door of the bathroom is not suitable for facing the bedroom, kitchen or even the door. In addition, the interior of the bathroom needs to be kept clean and tidy, We also need to clean up frequently, and we must clean up some smelly filth in time. We can also use salt and some plants to help the toilet remove the meaning in daily life. In addition, we should pay attention to the ventilation of the toilet. If the toilet is well arranged, it will be better for the health of residents, and promote the relationship between husband and wife, career and financial luck


in fact, the most important thing about the bed itself is the orientation. Generally speaking, the North-South position is the best. We should also comply with the rotation of the earth and the magnetic field, which can also help us improve the quality of sleep. In addition, the Feng Shui layout around the bed, so the light, environment and decorative color are in line with the fate of the residents, Whether the mirror is placed at the head of the bed or the head of the bed cannot be close to the wall, this is a big taboo in the layout of the bed. If the feng shui of the bed can be adjusted and borrowed, it will not only make people sleep very well, but also make people sleep very comfortably, and people’s spirit will be very good. It can promote the relationship between husband and wife, and will be helpful to personal physical and mental health, You can have good luck when you fall asleep

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