What kind of pattern is suitable for the porch

In the decoration of the porch, in order to add the interest of the porch, a pattern will be used. It should be noted that the porch can not be decorated too fancy or too old-fashioned. In the design decoration of the porch, we should pay attention to the use of patterns with auspicious meanings or with the function of exorcism. For example, some decorations or reliefs can be made on the walls and wooden frames. The content can include the characters in the traditional auspicious patterns, such as walking smoothly, enjoying a happy life, two saints of harmony, three stars shining, receiving good luck, bamboo repaying peace, fishing Weng De Li, five sons making Maitreya, eight immortals worshiping longevity, Chang’e running to the moon, champion and, full of gold and jade Surplus every year

plants such as plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, Narcissus, lotus, Hemerocallis, peony, Ganoderma lucidum, Yushulinfeng, Qunfang birthday, xinshaoruyi, smart, LAN guiqifang, durian, etc

birds, animals, insects and fish, such as dragon, Phoenix, unicorn, lion, tiger, four gods, deer, sheep, mandarin duck, song crane Changchun, Heqing Haiyan, etc; Festive ones, such as the Phoenix chirping and the sun rising, a hundred birds facing the Phoenix, the harmony of Phoenix and Luan, the auspiciousness of dragon and Phoenix, etc

auspicious ones, such as ten thousand years of wealth, three yuan of fragrant flowers, three heroes of spring flowers, three friends of cold years, four gentlemen, etc

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