Feng Shui Encyclopedia of home decoration stairs

Stairs are used for walking. They are the main aisle connecting two floors apart in multi-storey homes. Do you know what the decoration Feng Shui of stairs is in the feng shui of home decoration? Let’s take a look at the following articles

home decoration stair Feng Shui

stair decoration Feng Shui

1. Stair material: wooden material. It is conducive to slow air flow, which can make the air flow as harmonious and harmonious as possible, but it is difficult to achieve this effect when it is made of stone or metal materials. If the use of wood materials and marble materials with the use of the best. Under the condition that the space of the house allows, the fish pond can be arranged to supplement the Feng Shui Effect of hiding wind and gathering gas and attracting wealth

2. Stair shape: as a channel for rapid ventilation and air supply, stairs should enable the air flow to move rapidly from one layer to another, so as to play the role of gas gathering. Therefore, the steeper the slope, the more difficult it is for the airflow to achieve smooth effect. On the contrary, the smaller the slope, the better the effect! In order to avoid the upstairs gas rushing down and affecting financial luck, it is generally better to make a buffered staircase as far as possible, that is, try not to make a straight staircase, and make a broken line staircase, similar to spiral staircase or arc staircase is the best choice

3. Location of stairs: the best location should be to stand against the wall, that is, there should be a place to stand against. It should not be in the center of the house. This is tantamount to dividing the whole house into two, which will bring quarrels to the home, and even lead to discord between husband and wife and disharmony at home. Don’t face the door directly. The airflow will rush from the stairs to the door, causing wealth to leak out. This is a big taboo. The entrance and exit of the stairs should not be built in the center of the house. The entrance and exit is a place for regular activities, which makes the family have repeated luck and is best avoided

finally, stair decoration should be consistent with the overall style of the whole residential space environment. Harmony and unity are the main principles of home decoration Feng Shui. If the setting of stairs is too abrupt and the decoration is too sensational, it will inevitably make people living in them feel uncomfortable

Feng Shui taboo in stair decoration

if it is located in the range of 45 degrees in the north, the range of 45 degrees in the north and 15 degrees in the West will become evil. Worst of all, the end of the stairs is right in the middle of the room

moreover, the direction of the twelve birth stars entering the couple at the end of the stairs is also an evil aspect

for example, if your husband is in the Mao year and your wife is in the ugly year, you must avoid making the stairs enter the range of 15 degrees in the center of the East. A sub range of 15 degrees north northeast

the so-called stairs can be said to be the access to bring external air and mold upstairs. Therefore, if the stairs are located in the north, it is particularly easy to catch a cold, or complicated with other diseases

if the end of the stairs is right in the middle of the room, it may cause marital discord and coldness of the family due to illness. If the stairs are located at the position of the twelfth birthday star of the master and housewife, and the end of the stairs is also in that position, you will be ill for a long time

due to the structure of the house, it is impossible to avoid the orientation of the evil phase when going up the stairs, so it is necessary to change the design and try to let only one third of the stairs enter the orientation. If two-thirds of people grow up in the north, northwest, or the position of the couple’s birth star, it will become an evil face

notes and knowledge of Feng Shui of indoor stairs

Feng Shui of indoor stair shape:

stairs are pipes that move air quickly, which can make the air move from one floor to another. When people go up and down along the stairs, they will stir the air energy and promote it to move quickly along the stairs. In order to achieve the purpose of storing wind and gathering gas in the home, the air flow must rotate and avoid direct rush. Therefore, the steeper the slope of the stairs, the stronger the negative effect on Feng Shui. Therefore, the slope of the stairs is better to ease. At the beginning, spiral stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way are the first choice. In addition, it is best to use wooden stairs with slow air receiving and delivery, and less stone and metal stairs

Feng Shui layout of indoor stairs:

1. Stairs should be set at the financial position: stairs are the most obvious and key factor affecting financial luck. If the stairs are in the financial position, the financial effect will be very good. Regardless of the height and size of the stairs, they are regarded as water. From the perspective of the dark sky, they should be placed at the gate of the city and be the God of water dragon. From the perspective of eight houses, we should focus on anger, prolonging life and natural medicine. According to the viewpoint of Jiuxing Feibo, it should be in the angry side and the prosperous side

2. Stairs cannot be placed in the center of the house: stairs cannot be placed in the center of the house, especially at the beginning and end. It’s best to lean against the wall. It’s easy to divide the house in half in the middle of the house, causing disharmony in the family

3. Stairs should not face the gate: don’t rush the gate. This gate is not only directly opposite to the gate, but also the direction. For example, if the gate is in the East, it’s better to go north and south. It can’t be changed. You can use screens, shelves and counters. There is room for maneuver. Otherwise, you can’t hide the wind and gather Qi. Money comes and goes. You can’t watch a lot of people, busy and can’t keep money. It’s worse directly relative to the door

4. The stairs should not be in the yaosha side: the stairs should not be in the yaosha side, otherwise it is prone to accidents, disasters and fights, and customer provocation. The stairs of some houses are set beside the tiger, that is, from the inside of the house to the right of the door. Most of these houses are headed by women. If the male owner stays for more than three years, there will be accidental casualties or signs of remarriage after his partner is widowed

5. The number of steps of stairs should take into account the height of one step and the good or bad luck of the number of steps. For normal use, take ” Prosperity and death ” ; Four words are the key, and the most important step on the platform is ” Health ” ; Or ” Boom ” ; Word decision, avoid ” Die ” ; War ” Absolutely ” ; Word decision

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