How to place bedroom air conditioning is most conducive to health

The most closely related to health in the bedroom is the bedroom bed. If the setting of bedroom air conditioner is conducive to health

first of all, we should deal with the relationship with the position of the bed. The air conditioner in the bedroom should not be installed on the bed. The wind placed at the air conditioner mouth is not considered an auspicious wind in Feng Shui. Only when it is scattered in the bedroom will it be conducive to Feng Shui in the bedroom

the air at the outlet of the air conditioner is generally strong, especially the cold air is particularly cold. If facing the bed, it will seriously affect people’s health. The bed of the elderly facing the air conditioner is prone to wind diseases; The child’s bed is facing the air conditioner, which is easy to have a headache; The couple’s bed is facing the air conditioner, which is unfavorable to fertility

secondly, the air conditioner is a place where bacteria are easy to breed. You should pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times. When the air conditioner is facing the bed, the filthy air will rush onto the bed, resulting in bad breath and affecting the quality of sleep

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