Feng Shui taboos on house decoration

When people layout their homes, they will arrange them according to their preferences and living habits, but the layout of their homes should not only pay attention to these, but also pay attention to Feng Shui. For example, we must pay attention to the stress of Feng Shui and the taboos of Feng Shui! In particular, which taboos in Feng Shui must not be ignored. In that case, what are the Feng Shui taboos in house decoration

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decoration taboo of arch

generally speaking, the door of home is square, but a small number of people will decorate the arch. The decoration of the arch is really unique in style. After all, few people will decorate the arch gate! From the perspective of Feng Shui, such door decoration actually touches the Feng Shui taboo! Why do you say that? The arched door looks like a tombstone from the outside. This shape is very unlucky. As the door of the home, it also means that the whole home is ” Grave ” , It can be seen that the arched door will bring a very fierce Feng Shui aura to the home, and it also has a very bad moral! The design of such a gate is quite ferocious. It is a Feng Shui taboo that we must avoid

balcony taboo on the door

generally speaking, the balcony of the home cannot be opposite to the door of the home. If the balcony faces the door, it will touch the ” Piercing the heart, The so-called ” Piercing the heart ” ; It refers to that the air ports are connected, resulting in a draught in the home, which makes the home unable to gather gas and prosper transportation and wealth. After all, the wind blows through the house, and the home cannot hide the wind and accept the gas. How can wealth and fortune flourish? Therefore, the balcony of home can not be opposite to the door. This pattern is detrimental to fortune and Feng Shui. It is a taboo pattern that we should avoid

taboo of bedroom with toilet

generally speaking, toilets are not allowed in the bedroom, but now more and more people like the pattern of bedroom with toilet, and think that such a house type can make our life more convenient! But in fact, the pattern of bedroom with toilet touches the pattern of Feng Shui taboo. You should know that the geomantic field in the bedroom is not connected with the geomantic field in the toilet. The atmosphere of the bedroom should be kept clean and dry; The toilet is a place with heavy filth and moisture. In this way, the toilet will inevitably have a negative impact on the bedroom, which will lead to poor Feng Shui in the bedroom, which will damage our personal health and fortune

sofa under the beam is taboo

sofa cannot be placed under the beam. If your sofa is placed under the beam, it also touches the taboo pattern of Feng Shui middle-aged. When you are decorating, you should pay attention to it, because the protruding part of the beam will form pressure. The sofa is a place where families often sit and lie. Such decoration will impose a mental burden on the family at home

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