How to create a good feng shui balcony

In the concept of Yangzhai, the balcony is the place where the Qi field circulates, and auspicious and vicious Qi flow back and forth here. If some beautification is carried out in this area to achieve the purpose of wind and water and good luck, it will be of great help to improve the luck

① crystal hole reinforcement. The size of the crystal hole can not be placed on the balcony of the natural amethyst to receive energy., However, it should be noted that during the day, the Amethyst hole should be facing outward, and after dusk, the moving mouth of the Amethyst hole should be facing the house, so that the good energy absorbed during the day can be distributed to the house

② potted plants. Planting 3 or 5 pots of cypress potted plants on the balcony has the function of attracting distinguished people, especially suitable for people engaged in business or business work. Or plant a few pots of Hibiscus, red roses and Kirin flowers, which can also attract auspicious Qi

③ hang auspicious articles. The most common is to use eight diagrams mirror or Shanhai town to dissolve the evil spirit. In addition, at least one auspicious beast such as unicorn, goblin and Xianglong can be placed on the balcony to use their powerful nature to drive away the bad evil spirit and safeguard the safety of their home

④ bead curtain exhausts the air. Avoiding direct conflict is an important concept in Feng Shui. If the balcony is just opposite to the evil spirit, under the condition that it is impossible to close the balcony or remove the evil spirit, hang a curtain on the ground and side facing the evil spirit as a break, so that the evil spirit will not directly enter the room through the hall

⑤ write as a sign. Prepare a piece of red paper, cut it into the size of a coin, and write a ” on it with a black pen; Fire ” ; The word is pasted on the wall on the balcony to block the evil spirit. With the power of talismans, it has a certain effect on expelling invisible evil Qi

some people will hang wind chimes on the balcony. When listening to the impact of wind chimes, they will make a clear and pleasant sound. In fact, wind chimes have evil spirit, which is unlucky for people living in the house

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