Must know feng shui plants and flower for your office

As feng shui beginner, we know that feng shui plants and flowers can help us to get positive Chi and convert the negative Chi for our home and office. There are some feng shui plants and flowers we must know.

Auspicious plant and flower:

money tree
money tree

Those auspicious plant and flower has mellow and full leaves. They not only can bring positive Chi for your office meanwhile decorates office and refresh air.

Below plants and flowers are auspicious plants: Money tree, lucky bamboo, broadleaf fig, Asparagus myrioeladus, schefflera arboricola, chrysalidocarpus lutescens, bamboo palm, kaffir lily, hoya carnosa, cyclamen, snake plant, Asplenium nidus.

Those auspicious plant and flowers shall be placed in auspicious area.

Peaceful and calm plant ” flower:

lily feng shui
lily feng shui

Those peaceful plat and flowers can help you get peaceful and harmonic Chi. they are lily, bracket plant,common callalily.

Plants can be used to reduce negative feng shui:

feng shui plant and flower cactus in bedroom
feng shui plant and flower cactus in bedroom

Rebutia minuscula, polypody, calabash; those feng shui plant can protect you away from negative feng shui energy Chi.

Those plants shall be placed near or facing negative area in your office. For example, if there is garbage station out of your window, you can place those plants on you windowsill, they can help to block negative Chi entering your office.

If you can use those feng shui plants and flowers properly, you will get benefit from them. Good Luck.

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