How to resolve multiple Qi impurities

In Yangzhai Feng Shui (Feng Shui of houses and shops), it is not suitable to open too many doors in a house. If the front door is opened, it’s called “the front door is not good, and the back door is opened again”; Besieged ” , That is, the building collects all the Qi on all sides, making the Qi messy and impure, and the house luck is capricious. This kind of situation must be proficient in heaven and earth, easy divination, drawing and changing images before it can be used, otherwise it will do a lot of harm

the book of geographical differentiation and correction says: ” There are sixty-four hexagrams and three hundred and eighty-four hexagrams. Each hexagram has its own meaning ” ;. Therefore, the gate always stresses the divination line

the house opens in all directions. As long as two of the doors are closed (if the door is automatic, it is easier to do it, and it can be closed every day so that people can’t use it), or one door is opened specially. The door receives a large amount of air and gas, and the gas can be stored in the building, then feng shui will prosper

in ordinary houses, there is only one door, but there are many bedroom doors, study doors, kitchen doors and toilet doors in the house. In Feng Shui, a house with an area of less than 1000 square feet should not have more than five doors. If there are too many doors, the toilet door and kitchen door can be closed every day, so that the dry Yang gas in the kitchen and the Yin gas in the toilet can not be left in the house, the earth gas will be relatively pure, the house transportation is relatively stable, and the family is healthy

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