How to improve exam performance

Methods to improve test performance:

① put the desk on Wenchang

② if the desk cannot be placed in Wenchang position due to the limitation of home conditions, Wenchang tower can be placed in Wenchang position, which can also urge students to study, and sometimes the effect is even better. The best choice for Wenchang tower is nine floors high. The reason is that Wenchang is a four green star, which combines with nine numbers to form a geomantic auspicious mathematics. Therefore, the nine storey Wenchang tower is directly helpful to enhance the power of Wenchang. Wenchang tower can be bought in some geomantic handicraft shops. Wenchang tower is better to be open

③ if you can’t find Wenchang tower in a short time, go back and ask for the second place. You can also put a basin of Asparagus in the southwest of the bookcase, because asparagus represents books and helps promote Wenchang star, which can not only enhance your academic luck, but also green your room

④ placing stationery can also affect Feng Shui. Put four pens in the pen holder, preferably the brush, and then place them in Wenchang. This is because in ancient times, the brush represents Wenchang, which can promote prosperity and help smooth the examination

⑤ for windows in the due south direction, fresh air should be kept in circulation frequently. In this way, it is easier to accept the natural gas field and increase the test and study movement

⑥ in the use of mobile phone number, the number with the mantissa of 4 can also be used. Because the number of four green Wenqu stars is 4, using 4 can also increase students’ sports

⑦ during the exam, you can wear green underwear and crystal or wood ornaments

of course, these are only general Feng Shui methods, which can enhance the atmosphere of cultural learning. If it can be combined with my eight character likes and dislikes, it will be more effective and more reference value. In particular, it is worth mentioning that using the Feng Shui luck method of Wenchang position can help you succeed in the exam, or succeed in job hunting, and also achieve your desire for higher promotion. Gu Yun’s Wenchang luck method: Hang three lucky ancient coins on the wall opposite the desk. Ancient coins can generally be divided into three different ages: Yongzheng year, Shunzhi year and Jiaqing year. The ancient coins of these three eras can not only help to improve test luck, but also increase popularity and wealth

in addition, there are two ways to choose the Chinese position of Feng Shui in Yangzhai:

one is ” Residential Wenchang, That is, the location of Wenchang in the house. Each house must have an orientation of ” Wenchang bit ” ;. This is the best place to plan for a study or place a desk. Children reading here can help stimulate brain power and promote efficiency

the second is ” Fleeting Wenchang ” , To be in charge of LiuNian’s study and examination. Some homes can’t set up a study, so they can go back and take the second place. As long as we find out the Wenchang position of LiuNian and set up a desk or desk there, it will have a bonus effect on reading and examination

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