Five taboos of Feng Shui in living room decoration

The decoration of the living room also has many taboos in Feng Shui; So, what are the Feng Shui taboos that the living room decoration has to know? No friends can come with us to see the details below

living room decoration taboos and Feng Shui

five taboos to pay attention to Feng Shui in living room decoration design

first, the living room cannot have missing corners

the living room cannot have missing corners and cutting corners. When buying a house, you should pay attention to that the living room is best square. If there are hidden arrows in the corner of the living room, you can decorate bonsai and so on. Some friends will do background wall, corner cabinet, side cabinet, fence, porch and so on in the living room during decoration. Be careful not to cut corners, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble

Second, the living room can’t go straight to the door

the living room goes straight to the door. At least it will leak money and hurt emotion, and at worst it will hurt personnel. Therefore, if the living room goes straight to the door, it needs to be covered. Such as porch, door curtain, etc. Here also pay attention not to hang the gossip mirror above the gate casually. It may cause more trouble

Third, the flowers and plants in the living room should be placed carefully

the flowers and plants are yin. If the light in the living room is insufficient, there should not be too many flowers and plants. In addition, it also depends on whether you are suitable for placing flowers and plants. If you have more five elements of trees, then trees, flowers and plants are easy to form ” Sleepy ” View. Of course, there are many things to pay attention to

Fourth, the sofa in the living room should not have no back

if there is no wall cabinet on the back of your sofa, or there are windows and doors behind it, don’t use this sofa too much. You should try to use the sofa with a back

fifth, do not put garbage cans in the prosperous position of wealth in the living room

there can be garbage cans in the living room, but be careful, and they can be placed in the declining position. Generally, the corner of the living room belongs to decline, but not necessarily Oh, there are some special situations

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